Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.

And then there was a Protoshogoth

The Gods (and Godesses have smiled upon us) Immediate Upgrade to Level 14 (445000xp)
I wonder what lies ahead.
Mwaree takes over from our normal scribe.

Day 188
Battle with Urdefhan
Canzee wants us (Mwaree and Kasai) to attack her – she has some weird new spell she wants to try. Canzee gets hit Kasai and immediately swaps places with one of the Urdefhan. Oh well it’s here now let’s hit it. Kasai does scorching ray, then Mwaree hits it. 1 down. Canzee keeps swapping places every time someone hits her. Confusing !!!
Is Abutu BLEEDING ?? Much rule discussion ensues. No she is not – no thanks to Trey. Much more rule discussion about what Abutu can do with her arrows. Mwaree says keep it simple Hit – Kill.
Why is there talk about pudgy tree fairies and flick operating an ipad. Abutu kills one Yeah!! Trey continues to soak up damage. Friar Bryn remembers he is also an alchemist and starts throwing bombs. 3 left (Urdefhan that is) and they commit suicide by exploding on us causing a few more points of damage.
A total of 5 Urdefhan have been killed – loot the bodies!!
Can we get to the ramp without being attacked again?
Haemaphobic Vampire? Needles – now a Fairy Dragon, is acting as a drone flying above the escarpment.
After much cajoling by the GM we take a look at the LOG in the Pond. The log is simply a log, however it’s friend the Protoshogoth is a problem. It swallows TreyMwaree tries to liberate him – Oh dear now – now Mwaree is also swallowed, and regretting using her fancy new spell on Trey. Abutu is confused – now her intelligent bow is trying to take over. Friar Brynn has conjured a water elemental that turns into a water vortex and slams Proto. Trey says “We almost made it to the end of the campaign and then there was a Protoshogoth.
OK, the intelligent bow HAS taken over Abutu. Will we notice, will it do a better job? Who cares we want Abutu back. Friar Brynn decides not to hit Abutu who while confused did a massive amount of damage to him. Instead he attempts to dispel the confusion – can he dispel it? No Dispel. (No 5 Alive) Abutu gets to act normally – the entire party yells SHOOT IT.
Yay she killed it. Oops Abutu is still confused. Who will she hit now “Scatter” is the cry. Canzee holds her just to be safe. Abutu claims she is still confused as she has no idea of what was going on and why she was held. Situation Normal.
Canzee has now got the log from the pond and is inviting people to sit with her. Mwaree wants to leave – we’ve used too much healing. Canzee is convinced to teleport people back to safety as opposed to her new you beaut spells that provides a beautiful glade with pudgy tree fairies to serve you. Unfortunately this leaves a ring of mushrooms to be seen by anyone around.

Day 189
After resting we teleport back. Is there a log in the water? No thank Sarenrae. But there are evil auras above the escarpment. Tactics and planning ensue to attack the creatures. – basically let the spell casters attempt to obliterate them first. Are we going up or down or round and round loving the spin we’re in – oops drifted into song. Getting on to the log – now I see my sister’s (Canzee) wisdom – she’ll levitate the log up and up we’ll all go. Gee where did that huge earth elemental come from? Has Friar Brynn been playing in the dirt again? I get distracted – What do you mean Friar Brynn has cast Flame Strike. Oh it was a pathetic one, no wonder I didn’t notice. Friar corrects me – he did a huge amount of damage – it just didn’t have any effect. Mwaree steps in whacks it and it dies. (Oh did I mention we were attacking more Urdefhan?) The Urdefhan tries to fatigue the Earth elemental who laughs and says Nice try but no effect. I wonder if the earth elemental is a cousin of Wilson. – No it must have been summoned by Wilson as Wilson has been looking uncharacteristically silent – not even a disconcerting look.
Kasai casts a pit type spell – unfortunately the Urdefhan under which it was cast, can actually hover. Melodeman (now called rat boy) who is hovering has lots of immunities, and resistances – Mwaree can’t get within melee distance without getting sucked into the pit.
Abutu takes advantage of Mwaree’s Aura of Faith to shoot the Melodemon with good aligned arrows. Unfortunately Ratboy is now surrounded by fire, making it difficult for us to see him. Enter the log elevator going up – shoes – stockings – Ratboy. Exit the Earth elemental just as the paladins arrive. Ufortunately Mwaree has just realised that she left her sister (Canzee) unprotected – hope she’ll be ok.
HORRID WILTING – is as it’s name suggests – taking Kasai, Abutu, Canzee, Friar, Flick and Needles for heaps of damage. Friar HEAL pleeeeease. Flick finally asks for help when directly asked and Needles uses a CLW wand on him.
Friar convinces Ratboy that whenever he does a violent act he takes 3d6 non-lethal damage. One hopes he doesn’t try to be serene. – Oh he was just faking it Pity that.
The paladins remove 2 more Urdefhan. Now about ratboy 25’ in the air 20’ wall of flame around him, and a pit trap under him – this is a job for the ranged specialists. Abutu is exhausted, Mwaree has a wand of Lessor Restoration, Problem Abutu is 20’ in the air – Needles to the rescue acting as rapid delivery. Ratboy moves next to Canzee, She is now fatigued and takes damage “Noooooooo” comes from Mwaree. All that effort to get a wand of lessor restoration to Abutu and what does she do – kills ratboy.
Time to get the loot. One wand of Ray of exhaustion – nasty effect – much better in our hands.

Exp 38,400



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