Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.


Day 180

The party makes its way through the city and a voice calls out from one of the roof tops that ‘surface dwellers, I want to talk to you’. The party looks around, but cannot see the source of the voice. The source of the voice is revealed to be a female drow in white leather armour. She introduces herself as Vedavrex. And hopes that the party can help her release her companion, a male drow. As the party indicates that they are also looking for a companion, she asks if they would consider a alliance for the purpose of releasing their friends.

She takes the party across the roof to a hole in the roof. There are 6 demon vampires in the room below. With the application of a poppet hex, a confusion spell and a serenity spell, they handily defeat each other, with only one needing to be despatched by Abuto.

The party opens a door after being warned by M’waree that there are 6 evil auras behind the door. Behind the door there are 4 demon vampires and 2 piscodemons. They are reasonably easily despatched. The party continues along the corridor and opens another door into a wide curving hall. Although the door appears empty to begin with, as they proceed down the hallway 3 piscodemons appear at the end of the hallway. They attack on sight. The party eventually dispatches them, with the fight made harder by one of the demons, summoning 4 smaller hydrodemons.

The door that was being guarded by the demons.

Beyond the door was a throne room with the King of Demon Vampires there. Rather than engaging the party with weapons, spells, or even just teeth, he engaged them in conversation instead. He spoke of working with Endo Kline to remove the Serpent Folk from this subterranian city but had asked Kline to prove that he was a capable war leader by going off and killing a general who had betrayed the king. Kilne has not returned. The king makes the same offer to the party who agree.

The party then looks around and realises that the drow who had accompanied them is missing. The party, accompanied by the king, goes to the dungeon to find the drow’s ‘friend’ lying in a pool of his own blood with a slit throat.

Exp 9,333
Total 256,377



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