Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.

Flick says: Two Gods enter, One God leaves

The final battle

Day 199 cont.

The party are on the balcony where they kicked serpentfolk butt. They decide to go through these doors into the chamber where they take the right hand exit. The small chamber beyond has fissures leading into a larger chamber with a large statue in the centre of it. As the party looks in the large statue animates, becoming another of the large golems we have dealt with before. It lumbers towards the party, who realise that it can’t fit through the small fissures, so back off and let Abuto deal with it. At this point the large doors in the small chamber the party are in and the large chamber the other golem is in crash open and two dual headed snake constructs come in. The construct in the large chamber is accompanied by a strange looking serpent folk.

In the next moment, Abuto takes down the original construct. M’waree and Kasai take down the dual headed snake construct in the chamber where the party is, leaving the other construct and the weird seapentfolk.

Abuto works out that the serpentfolk is a Elder Serpentfolk of the Amphisbaenian Rite. Straight after that he attempts to disintegrate Abuto and is taken down with extreme prejudice.

M’waree then heals Flick, after all, he is the party leader. The party then defeats the last golem, and decides to have a rest. Just before resting Abuto creates a Treasure Map from the Elder Serpentfolk.

Day 200

First thing next morning, the party goes to the first room on the map. As the party is searching the room, four serpentfolk and their pet snakes attack the party. Canzee, who is watch, casts Confusion in their midst, affecting three serpentfolk and three snakes.

A spellcaster suddenly appears and casts Chain Lightning into the midst of the party. He soon regrets the move as Canzee targets him with a Destruction and Abuto finishes him off. The three confused serpentfolk up the back do a Larry, Curly, Moe display until the Confusion runs out. the two left standing are taken out by Abuto.

The party continues down the corridor, through another chamber into a courtyard with an empty statue pedestal. There are open double doors leading out into the large cavern the party came in by. This is obviously when the first golem the party encountered came from. The party continues onward into a corridor with stairs leading downwards, and come to a door sheathed in lead….someone likes their privacy. When the door is opened the party is confronted by a large float snake’s head. with snakes coming out where the body would be. Looks like we have found the head of Yderius. There are also two statues in the room, which are soon revealed as more golems. Abuto takes care of the golems while the rest of the party concentrates on the Head. Once the party hits their stride, the Head is dispatched very quickly.

However, Abuto’s map shows something further into the complex, so the party continues down the corridor. Off to the sides of the corridor, there are six storerooms containing human clothing, probably used as disguises for the Coils of Yderuis assassins. Continuing down the corridor there is a large chamber with decorated columns and a snake motif on the floor, leading to a set of double doors. the party works out that the columns and the snakey floor thing are made to look pretty by the use of presidigiation. The columns have writing on them protected by Sepia Snake Sigils, found by Canzee, and negated by her Nine Lifes spell. After dealing with the room, the party tries the door, but it appears to be blocked somehow, not even opening with the use of the Chime of Opening.

The party decides to make their way around. The party finds a room further down the corridor with snakes all over the floor. However, Canzee, who has True Seeing, walks straight in, revealing the snakes to be an illusion. As the party enters the chamber four Hezrou demons appear, a moment later a marilith appears behind the party. The marilith grabs Friar Bryn, which Canzee takes exception to and turns the marilith into a rabbit, a rabbit that then bugs out. The Hezrou don’t last long after that.

The party continues on through the room to the far corridor. There is a small room off the corridor with Glyphs all over the floor. Kasai works out that it is a non-operating teleport room. Round the corner and the party enters a strange shaped room containing five serpentfolk, one with different armour and weapons and four pet serpents. The battle is over after some damage taken by the party (mostly the damage soak, Trey), but not as much as the bad guys.

The party decides to go into the next room. They open the door and find a very large cavern with a huge fozzilised skull guarded by four standard guards, two magic users, a huge snake, and an Avatar of Yderuis.

The following narrative of the final battle is derived from extracts of the scolls “The Companion Histories – as scribed by Friar Bryn of Malwr, Humble Cleric of Sarenrae”

The story concludes thus

And so the great adventure came to its inescapable conclusion, with the followers of the path encountering the great evil that was Yderuis, a serpent most vile, within his dark domain in what was to become their final conflict, deep within the dark halls of Ilmurea, far beneath the ruins of Saventh-Yhi.

Mighty magics are swiftly hurled around the vast chamber of evil. Huge elementals of the good earth are brought forward to aid in our endeavours, divine fire and power is rained down from the heavens by mine self, and the Enchantress Canzee, Witch of the Ancestors, does bring forth great clouds of inhuman darkness to obscure us from the eyes of evil, her unnerving cackling causing our assailants to falter in their plans. Our mighty Magus, Kasi of the Dragon Kind, then summons forth an animated pit that forms beneath the evil ones, quickly devouring some of the serpent’s minions.

It is then that our shining Paladins – Trae, Holy Vindicator of Iomeda and Mwaree, Champion of Sarenrae – most resplendent in their polished armours and surrounded by divine auras of courage and faith, do charge forth into the fray, raining blow after blow of divine power upon the great evil, yet in the midst of battle ever always calling forth the will of their deities to protect and heal their allies.

And from the firmament above, having been granted the gift of flight, the Great Archer Abuto of the Rangers pours forth a hail of arrows such that we shall now fight in the shade of her fury, whilst below our mighty magus is granted his life’s greatest aspiration and takes the form of a mighty blood red dragon so that he might rain down death upon these evil minions of the serpent.

But not all goes the way of our champions. The Serpent Avatar most evil does mutates the valiant archer into an evil viper, but is swiftly countered in its plans by the ever vigilant witch. A serpent magi summons great dinosaurs to counter the elementals in an attempt to outnumber and devour our champions. Another magi then takes the form of a huge black dragon in an attempt to bring down our own, bringing about a great struggle to command the air above the conflict.

The Avatar, having been foiled in its first devious plan, then brings confusion and distraction to the great archer, reducing her to but a simple servant with which to do it’s biding, banishing her to sit upon the alter of evil, what vile intentions it had can only be guessed. Our elemental companions fall in glorious battle, but then the great evil strikes the foulest of blows, one of the champions falls! The Holy Vindicator Trae, Paladin of Iomeda,‎ is brought low by this avatar of evil, his life’s blood slowly seeping into the earth.

But yet our champions rally, and one, diminutive in form but yet great in fortitude, the mighty Flick, Guardian of Witches, steps forward to confront the great dinosaurs which are attempting to bring low his companions. Though word and deed alone he does bring the mighty reptiles to heel, keeping them from causing great horrors on the others, even convincing them that a mighty serpent companion of the dark magi is their real foe. The savage carnage thence inflicted by these three upon the serpent is not for our gentle readers to consider. Then, the shining Mwaree, though covered in the blood of her foes, steps forth between the foul beast and her fallen companion Trae, valiantly battling the great evil on her own, holding the line until the others can yet rejoin the battle.

Our most powerful witch, calling upon the might of her ancestors, comes again to the aid of the ensorcelled archer, breaking the evil enchantments that were heaped upon her, thus returning her to the fray. Mine self, wounded but still wielding that that is the glory of Sarenrae, steps into the fray and through her divine blessing, restores life to the fallen Trae, whilst still striking blows against the beast with the aid of my life long companion, Wilson of the Palm.

But then, through all of the great magics renting the air, the screams of glory and pain and the fury of battle, our champions’ deed is now done. Yderuis has fallen, its foul head sundered from its body by Canzee wielding Savith’s reforged blade, and his evil minions now scattered or dead. The quest is over, Saventh-Yhi, City of Seven Spears, indeed the world, is safe yet again from the horrors of the serpent.

And now gentle readers, as I sit back in the shelter of our camp, the din of battle a fading memory, I hope that through the writings of these histories, when others walk through that which is Saventh-Yhi, or follow the dark and dangerous path that leads there, they may pause, and think of our champions, even if just for a moment, and remember their quest and their companion’s that fell along the road – Oparal Snake Bane, Taurus The Inquisitor and Chumly Wallaby, Colonial Explorer.



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