Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.

Into the Hunter's Maze

Day 190

After a good night’s rest, the party returns to the cliff at the north of the city, where they had defeated Ratboy. At the top of the ramp there is a small plateau, which is surrounded by cliffs. In the centre of the cliff-face opposite the ramp up, there are two colossal serpent-folk statues flanking a circular passageway, which has glowing sigils and runes along its length. To the east of the main passage there is a large alcove with an enclosure. In the enclosure there is a number of morlocks looking very blank-faced. Most of the party go over to have a look.

There is another tunnel flanked by two serpent-folk statues opposite the morlock pen. Canzee wanders over to have a look and to mind the party’s back. She notices that the runes and sigils seem to indicate serpent-folk hunting. Kasai uses this information to work out the password to the gate. He gets one of the morlocks to follow him out of the pen. The morlock follows any commands given to it. Closer examination of the gate shows that there is a symbol of persuasion built into the structure of the gate. Canzee destroys the symbol by using her green slime ability. The destruction of the symbol releases the morlocks from their persuaded status. Some of them immediately bolt away, but some stick around and get direction as to the safer way to get to their home.

After much discussion, Abuto and Flick go for a scout up the centre tunnel. As they get past the doors, the doors close, crushing the log placed there to hold them, and the Symbol of Fear is triggered. Both Abuto and Flick are panicked and run down the corridor. Canzee casts Teleport on Flick, but doesn’t realise that he had left Abuto’s shoulder, so only gets Flick, not Abuto with the Teleport.

After a bit of buffing against Fear for those who need it (a putting a panicked Flick into a sack), the party makes its way down the corridor to Abuto who is cowering against a closed and locked door. The party waits for both Abuto and Flick to come to themselves, and then Friar Bryn uses his Chime of Opening to open the obviously barred door.

Upon opening the door, bothMwaree and Trae warn the party of five sources of evil at the top of the stairs. Kasai volunteers to go for an invisible scout. At the top of the stairs he finds a largish room with seven life sized statues of serpent-folk warriors at parade rest standing on plinths. There are two larger statues of robed serpent-folk flanking a set of stairs leading down at the end of the room. There are also stairs leading down at either side of the room. There are five Urdefhans randomly patrolling the room. Unluckily, one spies the rest of the party down by the door, and combat starts. After the party finds out that sneak attack really hurts, the five urdefhans are defeated. the party then decides to explore the maze, using the left hand rule. However, Abuto then remembers that she has an interesting spell that makes a treasure map from the skin off a creature’s back, revealing what it considers the three most valuable things in the area.

She casts the spell using one of the Urdefhans, and the party heads towards a circular room revealed by the map. Upon approaching the room, the party is attacked by two meladaemons. After a couple of Horrid Wiltings, lots of lightning bolts and other nastiness, the two are defeated. In the room there appears to be a portal to another plane, Abbadon, not a nice place for a holiday. The party decides to leave in alone and rest in Canzee’s Pudgy Tree Fairy Wonderland.

Day 191

The following morning we are off to the second place on Abuto’s Treasure Map. This room also has a set of stairs leading down in each wall, but has four statues in the room, each pointing t a large inscribed circle in the centre of the room. There are six Urdenhans in the room. After a bit of a skirmish they run away. four down the rear stair and one to each side. The party waits for a while, alert to an attack, while Canzee is working out that this place is a teleportation circle, both to and from somewhere. While she is doing this the two Urdenhan who uses the side stairs attack from the rear of the party. However, Friar Bryn and Kasai have been waiting for just this thing and the party makes short work of them. At this time, the other four Urdenhan come back up the rear stairs. Canzee, Mwaree and Trae come into the room to engage them. At that point they all run away and set off the circle, which has been set to explode….owww…

The party then cleans up the four Urdenhans, starting with the one who set off the trap. Then off to the Pudgy Tree Fairy Wonderland again.

exp. 37767
Total: 521,167
Next: 635,000



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