Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.

Still creeping

Day 181

The next day the party decides to go into the serpent folk area to find the devil vampire general and try to find Eando Kline. Kasai flies while invisible with Flick around the Temple in the lake & another temple in a forest like fungus area. He spies a couple of possible entry points on this quick scout & reports them to the party. The party walks around the edge of the lake along the edge of the cliff. When walking through the fungus forest, the party is ambushed by 6 gugs. The gugs do a lot a damage, and Friar Bryn casts Wall of Fire to protect the party from the damage. The gugs, after taking damage from the wall, and from Kasai, who sneaks outside the wall as an earth elemental, retreat.

Once the party gets to the serpent folk area, they decide to look at one of the temples in the fungus forest. It is very similar to the building that the demon vampire king was in. And has a set of stairs leading down, which is blocked half way down.

The party rests in one of the empty buildings at the lakeshore watching the main serpent building in the lake’s centre.

Day 182

The next day the party teleports to the main island, arriving at a large whole in the side of the snake shaped building which Kasai had spotted & the party agreed might be a good entry point. Entering the building the party proceeds in an upwards anti-clockwise direction. Along the corridor they find a room full of debris, including bones, Abuto goes in to scout, only to find the room’s inhabitants, 8 gugs. The party has an easier time of these gugs as they are funnelled into the doorway and encounter a wall of fire and a hungry pit…nom nom nom.

Next doorway along the corridor has a double stone door, which upon opening reveals 11 serpentfolk. After a very very tough fight later, the party grabs a couple of important bodies teleports out to rest. RUN AWAY RUN AWAY bravely of course

Day 183

This day Kasai and Canzee go for an invisible flying scout. Checking out the city, it all looks in good repair. Kasai wishes to rest to get back the spells he used.

Day 184

The party decide to go back into the snake building, this time through the hole in the head of the snake. The teleport seems to fail, leading to the conclusion that there is a Forbiddance on that part of the building. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valour, they check out the tail of the snake, finding a portcullis sealed passage way.

Day 185

Next day Canzee teleports the party into the passageway behind the portcullis. They encounter 6 guards, kill 4, and when their 3 friends turn up, bug out. Right before Friar Bryn collapses.

Exp. 37,533
Total 293,910

Comment from Tony after some discussion re xp: your current Total XP is 293 910 and we will take it from there. I can live with you having gained 481XP from somewhere. It is a world of magic after all.



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