Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.

The Adventures of Flick...and the rest

Day 176

Now that they have all the gems they need, the party manages to persuade Canzee to return to the underground complex where she died. The party returns to the room where the worked out they need the crystals they have been collecting. Canzee doesn’t wish to enter the room, so peels off her skin and sends it in to investigate the room. Flick completely freaks out , even when the skin returns and is put back on. Canzee works out that the mural has places for the gems, marked with the same Azlanti runes that are on the gems. She places the gems into the places so labelled and the painted doorway in the mural becomes a real doorway. The party goes through the doorway and into a corridor. At the end of the corridor there is a large natural cavern.

Mwaree, acting on some very clever instinct, looks up, straight into the eight eyes of a massive spider on the ceiling. The party attacks the spider, only to have it joined by an equally massive spider friend. After being webbed and poisoned, the party finally defeats the two spiders.

Looking around the cavern, the party finds a magical warhammer amongst the shrouded bodies. Investigating the bodies reveals that they are mostly morlocks. The party then finds that one of the morlocks is only unconscious, not dead. He is healed to consciousness and explains that he was sent to the surface to get help from “the ancestors”. The morlock, Thekola, wants to take the party to see his high priestess, but explains that there has been a coup lead by one of the morlock warlords. It also leads through an area of “devil vampires”.

The party agrees to go to see the high priestess, but puts some contingency plans in place. Not wanting to have the surface world invaded by an army of serpentfolk and “devil vampires”, Canzee goes back through the doorway and organises with Julivar that she will open the doorway once a week. She also grabs some more clothes for herself and Abuto who are feeling the cold, and then returns to the party.

The party follows Thekola towards his people. On the way through, the party comes across a guard post manned by “devil vampires” . The devil vampires attack the party, and the party engages them, only to find that they can self destruct. Chumley ends up covered in little chunks of devil vampire. M’waree ends up giving him a bath using create water.

The party approaches what Thekola calls home, a large walled area with a set of large gates flanked by two Azlanti warrior statues. Thekola tells the party that the statues won’t attack him and moves forward. Abuto goes with him, only to find that the immunity to the statues does not extend to her. She falls back, but the statues follow her and start to attack the party. Kasai casts grease at one, which promptly falls over and can’t seem to get up. Canzee, acting on some instinct, directs the golems to return to their positions in Azlanti. The golems promptly follow her demand. Canzee….golem whisperer!!

Thekola leads the party through the gate and into the city. When the party is in the city he skirts the city walls, obviously trying to keep out of sight as much as possible. Thekola and the party approach a large mansion. On the large promenade stairs leading up to the mansion are three morlocks, obviously on guard, and not Thekola’s friends. After a discussion with Thekola the party attacks, only to find themselves in a fight with morlocks being controlled by intellect devourers.

After the three morlocks and their intellect devourers riders are defeated, the party quickly retreats to the mansion. As they retreat through the mansions doors they are attacked by the morlock warlord and two alchemical golems who where in the foyer of the mansion. The warlord and his intellect devourer rider is defeated, along with the two golems. Thekola leads the party through a door from the foyer where they find the morlock high priestess, a group of morlocks, and unusually, a half elf.

The half elf introduces himself as Trey, a pathfinder from Eando Kline ’s ill fated expedition.

exp: 18,133
Total: 223,044

Have you cast your smell yet??

Day 174 cont.

The Gorilla King greets the party and invites them to feast. During the feast he indicates that he considers the party to be the leaders of the city, and that he considers the city to be within his area of control. He offers the party the chance to win control of the city in a series of three contests…after the feast.

The dinner menu is …mm…exotic. The first course is a choice of warm monkey brains or eyeball and onion soup. The second course is under-cooked hippo in a blood and sweat sauce with a side dish of pan fries maggots in honey. Dessert is sliced vege-pygmy with a cinnamon and roasted coffee bean glaze. Some of the party are able to cope with the exotic cuisine, but some have a hard time.

At the end of the meal, the contests begin.

The first of the three contests is a test of strength. The Gorilla King’s slaves bring out two faggots made from human femurs. The Gorilla King easily snaps one faggot. However, Abuto, despite the magical assistance of the party is unable to snap her bundle of bones.

The second contest is a test of storytelling. Kasai, with the able assistance of Flick and Needles, tells a hilarious story of the defeat of the demon by the magnificent Flick. The Gorilla King gracious concedes defeat without even trying to tell a story.

The third and final contest is a trial by combat, with Mwaree stepping into the circle to face the Gorilla King. She is ably buffed by the rest of the party and the Gorilla King surrenders after a couple of rounds.

Although he is obviously not happy, the Gorilla King keeps to his word and leaves with his people ….for now.

Day 175

Next day the party decodes to investigate the series of towers near the base camp, which they were unable to stand to go near last time they neared them. The same thing happens with Canzee the only one able to walk up to the doors, and the rest of the party repulsed by the towers. After some consultation the party decides to allow Canzee to go into investigate the towers, with Flick staying behind to help communicate with the party.

The large stone double doors open at Canzee‘s touch, she enters into a large corridor which ends in a chamber with coloured bas-reliefs showing what appears to be a chronological story of Savith, who lead an Azlanti army to the underground city of Ilmurea and defeated the Serpent God, Yderius, soon thereafter dying from poison. The reliefs show her being laid to rest in a building very much like the one Canzee is standing in. Canzee then casts detect magic and immediately falls unconscious, and has a vision of standing at the shores of the lake that Saventh Yhi stands on. She turns and finds a huge Azlanti army behind her chanting “Savith, Savith, Savith” at her. She wakes and touches the last panel of the bas relief, and feels as if she is dying from poison, with her last sight of a white light. Canzee then touches each of the panels in turn, experiencing the trip to the underground city of Ilumerea and the defeat of Yderius before the illness and death from poison. Upon wakening, Canzee tries the door leading from this room, but, unlike the front doors, it does not open to her touch. She then leaves and reports her findings back to the party, and also let Gelik Aberwhinge know.
The party then decides to investigate some of the last vaults, starting with the one that the party found the Maka-yika. When the party opens the doors at the end of the draw, they are attached by a group of six monkenees. The Monkenees die really easily, and there is nothing of interest in the room. Further down the corridor, the party enters a corridor full of muck and murk. Abuto casts her Detect Snares and Pits smell on Kasai’s urging. Just as well as there are three pit traps with punji sticks to catch you if you fall in, just below the foot of water that floods the room. The pit traps are easily avoided by the party by using Mwaree’s ring of water-walking to walk on top of the water.

Down the corridor, the party comes to a room with two side rooms. A group of five boggards attack the party. As the boggards attack, a char-ra appears at the back and starts casting spells. However, he is soon a frog, care of Canzee’s Baleful Polymorph. The boggards are soon despatched, including the one with Mwaree stuck to its tongue. In the next room the party finds a statue that Canzee recognises as Savith. The statue appears as magical to Detect Magic, which is worked out to be a Glyph of Warding. In trying to avoid the glyph, Abuto manages to trip over a trip-wire, which tips over the statue, which hits the floor and….sets off the glyph. After the damage is all healed up, Canzee repairs the statue and convinces the party to help her put it back into place.

Further into the complex the party encounters two Girillions, who die very quickly, mainly from arrows. The corridor appears to be a dead end, but Kasai soon finds a secret door at the end. When opening the door Abuto is attacked by the Karva Bush Devil (some sort of Flesh Golem). The golem is eventually defeated, but is very difficult to defeat. The next chamber appears to be empty and is some sort of bed-chamber. Abuto checks under the bed and doesn’t find any creatures, but does find a secret door. The party checks out all the chests in the room and finds some treasure. Abuto then pushes the bed out of the way and opens the secret door into a very strange chamber. The chamber has brains stored in crystal prisms attached by wires to some other strange device. As the party moves into the room to check out the device they are attacked by a Derhii that was hidden from sight around the corner. The party falls back into the bedroom to try and draw it out. It does not take the bait.

As Abuto enters the room, a roper attacks her from behind the door. The rest of the party enters the room and concentrates fire on the Derhii to start with, it goes down reasonably quickly, but an Intellect devourer is revealed, and forces Abuto to attack her own party. The roper, who is vulnerable to fire is taken down by the spell-casters, especially Kasai, the fire specialist. The intellect devourer cast Black Tentacles, which captures the whole party, except Mwaree, who was next to it and Canzee who is skittering around as an army ant swarm. Chumly Wallaby finally escapes from the Black Tentacles and retreats to the bedroom where he feels safe, only to have the intellect devourer dimension door into the same room. In retaliation, Chumly Wallaby casts Black Tentacles. After the party is reunited in the bedroom the Intellect Devourer is finally defeated.

exp: 34,000
Total: 204,911

An out-of-body experience...

Day 173

The party decides to tackle the underwater sinkhole in the boggard’s area. The first thing the party does is activate the spire in the area. Then down the first hole, to water level. Canzee goes into leech swarm form, leaving her bones on the ground and enters the water to attack the Dire Piranhas!!, bringing them to the top of the water where the rest of the party can attack them. After she is defeated in leech form, her flesh re-knits on her bones, as Friar Bryn throws a Steam Ball at the piranha swarm, Kasai follows up with a Lightning Ball. The piranha swarm retreats back into the centre of the water. Canzee casts Rain of Frogs to draw them back to the top, where the party takes them out. however, while this is happening Kasai starts babbling, a familiar sound to those who can cast Confusion, and ominous considering the source. Canzee is able to dispel the spell, but is soon babbling herself. Three Nisps then show their heads above the water. One is attacked by a water elemental called in by Friar Bryn, but is only distracted for a round. After Canzee ineffectually attacks Friar Bryn and Abuto is affected by hold person, the Nisps are defeated. The area is now empty and the party finds some crystals with the Azlanti rune for abundance.

On the way back to base camp, some Derhii drop out of the sky and warn the party that the Gorilla King is coming and all hairless apes must leave the city. Needless to say, Aberwhinge is very impressed with that piece of news when the party reports back to him. The party spends the rest of the day helping to fortify the camp.

Day 174

The following day, the party investigates the opening in the side of the islet near the centre island. The party enters the opening and finds a hewn cavern with a deep pool of water. As the party tries to pass the pool and go deeper into the complex, Abuto is grabbed and swallowed by a Giant Flytrap in the pool. Friar Bryn and M’waree soon join her. Abuto manages to escape, but Friar Bryn is almost dissolved before the party manages to defoliate the pool.

The party leaves the room and goes up a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs, Kasai pokes at a pile of mud, only to find it is a dead adventurer, a very dead adventurer.
The party moves further into the complex, up the stairs and into a very muddy corridor with alcoves on either sides. As they enter the corridor, four mephits pop out of the alcoves and attack!! After affecting an area with Cloud Kill, they are defeated.

Next room is a large chamber with a very mucky floor. Intuitionally, Abuto casts Detect Snares and Pits and works out that the entire centre of the room is a quick-sand filled pit. Another four mephitis jump out from the quick-sand. Friar Bryn and Wilson cast Wall of Fire across the room. Suddenly, a Shaitan appears and throws a ball of mud at Friar Bryn, who drops Wilson in surprise (or he is greased). A hard battle later the party defeats the mephits and the shaitan.

The party goes down the corridor on the opposite side of the room and into a large, colonnaded, muddy room with a silver-watered fountain at the far end. As the party looks into the room a large mud elemental attacks. The mud elemental is slowed down within a Icy Prison cast by Kasai. It still however, hits very hard and pummels the party. It eventually dies through the application of small pointy sticks.

The fountain at the end of the room is extremely cool (does all sorts of magic TW to fill in please), but there is no sign of the magical crystals the party was hoping to find. Back to the quicksand filled hole, with Canzee turning into a swarm of mud crabs and investigating the quicksand, an old skeleton is found, with some gems, jewelry and the next crystals.

On the way back to base camp nine Derhii fly from the sky and “invite” the party to a feast with the Gorilla King. An offer the party is unable to refuse.

exp: 13,933
Total: 170,911

Chewed up and spat out...

Day 171

The party decides to continue recovering the portal-activating gem stones, hopefully at each of the caves they have discovered, starting with the Web-shrouded cave closest to the party’s home base. The party enters the cave and sees a further cavern before them, where there is substantial evidence of more spider activity, bones and web-shrouded forms of animals and humanoids along the walls. As the party enters the room, a very large undead crocodile lumbers up to the party, opens its mouth wide, and sprays the party with spiders. The party spends time trying to avoid the spiders and fight the crocodile, which appears to be animated by the webbing and spiders it is encased in (a corpsespun sarcosuchus). As the crocodile finally falls, but not before it has swallowed Chumly Wallaby, four other humanoid creatures appear from the rear of the cavern. Abuto and Mwaree run to attack them, as Chumly Wallaby extracts himself from his noxious confines. Abuto and Mwaree receive a faceful of spiders for their pains. Behind the four corpsespun boggards, the party notices a very large spider at the back of the battle. After Kasai manages to kill the spider swarms and most of the boggards by strategic use of a fireball, the party discovers that the large spider can teleport around the cavern. The party then concentrates on the large spider, who annoys them by teleporting around the room and then webbing the party. Some of the party escapes from webs, while others get burnt free. the spider appears to concentrate on Friar Bryn, who collapses babbling after a couple of hits. The party then concentrates on hitting the spider, who bugs out using plane shift.

In the next cavern the party finds four blue crystals inscribed with the Azlanti rune for Righteous Anger.

Day 172

The party goes clockwise around the city to the next area and finds a set of stairs leading downwards into the hillside. It leads into a spiral ramp with tracks of what looks like a vege-tiger. When the party reaches the bottom of the ramp they exit into a large room, where they are attacked by Thorny Cave Lions, who are quickly dispatched.

In the next hexagon shaped room there are many vines and types of fungus. The party spies six Basidironds which attack by spewing spores which make people (and compsognathus) think that they are melting, choking or something similar. With Abuto peppering them with arrows and their way forward blocked by Kasai‘s Black Tentacles, they all die with only one getting close enough to ’spore’ the party.

Further down the caverns, the party comes across eight death cap jumpers who leap all over the skirmish, until they are dispatched by the party.

The next room has what looks like a pool in the centre, though the pool now looks closer to soup with a large tree like creature in the centre. Kasai turns invisible and tries to fly to the other side, however, he is grappled and swallowed by the Elder Polyp in the centre of the room. He is then spat at the rest of the party, along with the rest of the contents of its stomach. It is defeated by the party after a tough battle. In the ledge at the other side of the room the party finds some treasure, including a blue crystal inscribed with the rune for Rest.

exp: 21,600
Total: 156,978

Another Hole in the Ground......

Day 167 cont…

With M’waree fallen, a very sombre party heads back to base camp.

Day 168

Next day, Canzee tries to use the resurrection scroll, but can’t. Frantic to restore her sister, she casts Reincarnation. M’waree’s body shimmers then starts to change, morphing and shrinking into a gnome.

The party then examines the rune-inscribed blue gems found in the ossuary. Canzee translates the rune as meaning Fertility. It is then the rest of the party remembers that they had scribed down the runes from around the doorway in the mural room where Canzee died. Canzee translates the runes.

There are six gem sockets and seven runes. The six runes with gems associated are Abundance, Fertility, Honest Pride, Rest, Righteous Anger, and Wealth, with the seventh rune being Eager Striving. Canzee points out that these runes were also the seven virtues in Azlanti culture.

The party feels that the seventh rune is the rune of the area which the underground area is found and therefore the other runes must associate with similar underground structures in the other six areas. Using this logic, the party goes off to find the other five runes, starting with the area behind the agricultural ziggurat occupied by the boggards.

As the party are walking along a track, Kasai and M’waree notice a line of eight threatening figures. Kasai opens negotiations with a fireball, shouting “Incoming!!”. The battle goes the party’s way. The bodies reveal themselves to be Apsis Consortium members.

The party continues along the track. Further on, Abuto notices a track at right angles to the track the party is following. Close inspection reveals that the track has been hacked through the jungle, obviously made by tools. The party decides to proceed along this new path, and further along notice two figures on either side of the path. Although Abuto greets them, they fade into the jungle. About where the figures were standing the path opens out into a large clearing, obviously a camp. It is obvious that the party have found the Apsis consortium as the party is attacked by eighteen agents, including Ivo. After all the agents are defeated, it is noticed that Ivo’s body is leaking green goo, closer examination reveals that he seems to be missing his brain. Kasai works out that these are the hallmark traits of an Intellect Devourer at work. The party loads up and teleports back to base camp. They then report the Intellect Devourer to Gelik Aberwhinge, grab a large party, and head back to grab all the supplies.

Day 169

In the next morning, the party rethinks their plan, and instead of looking in the outskirts of the city looking in the boggy area nearer the Agricultural Ziggurat. Friar Bryn notices some muddy footprints, leading to a sinkhole. Canzee flies down the sinkhole and finds a flagstone floored chamber with another sinkhole leading downwards, though this one is full of water. Floating at the top of the water is a dead body, which is then levitated out of the water and to the top of the sinkhole where the party is waiting. At the top the body is examined, it is mostly eaten by what looks like very large piranha…Dire Piranha!! Temporarily stymied by the water filled sinkhole, the party retires for the day to think about the way forward.

Day 170

The party is convinced by Kasai to let him go scouting. With a bit of help from others he scouts as a water elemental, an invisible, mirror-imaged, witch-warded water elemental. Down the sink-hole full of Dire Piranha!!, into a cross tunnel, then down the cross tunnel into a large chamber which was guarded by two large creatures (Nisps, a large Fey), that Kasai couldn’t pass.

Being blocked by the Fey, and without the means to explore the underwater area at the moment, the party decide to scout the rest of the city to try and find the other underground complexes. They find:

1. Artisan’s area – the ‘killing’ room with the portal
2. The Maka-yika bandit’s hideout where the party fought the Ogre-Magi
3. A spider-web shrouded Cave
4. an open doorway in the side of an islet near the centre island
5. stairway in the side of a cliff near the party’s base camp.
6. The undead dire tiger lair, where Mwaree was defeated
7. The underwater cavern near the boggards.

Exp 11,066

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Day 165

The party splits up with Chumly Wallabygoing to bury the Sargavans, Abuto and Flick going out with the hunting parties, and the rest of the party climbing to the top of the ziggurat to see if they can see what the Apsis Consortium is up to. They don’t see much except a lone canoe to the south.

As the rest of the party are looking out at the lake, or conducting the gruesome task of burying their fellows, Abuto discovers a lovely peaceful grove with a doorway into a hillside in the centre. Abuto approaches the doorway, only to be attacked by three serpentfolk, getting badly poisoned in the process. Luckily, Flick is able to alert the rest of the party, and the calvary arrives (with help from Canzee’s teleport). A tough battle later and the three serpentfolk lie dead.

Abuto examines the door and finds evidence that it has been opened recently (probably within the last two weeks). Feeling a bit delicate, the party decides to play with what is behind the door later and makes their way back to camp where they have a chat to Gelik Aberwhinge about the way forward. A decision is reached, with the party investigating where the serpentfolk came from after a good night’s rest.

Day 166

The party returns to the grove and investigates the tracks left by the serpentfolk, to find that they basically hung around the door. The party pushes the door open and are immediately attacked by four spectres. The spectres are easily despatched by the party after they were made corporeal by Canzee.

The only tracks leading through the front antechamber are the tracks of a very large and boofy tiger. The party goes through the door opposite to find a corridor leading to the left. The party proceeds down the corridor, but Abuto, who is last, notices a secret door to the right.

She calls to the rest of the party and they decide to go through the newly discovered door. Alas, they also trigger the Symbol of Weakness on the door, which affects both Abuto and Canzee, with Canzee falling to the ground, too weak to stand up. The party manages to get both the girls back to their feet, but decide to rest to get their spells back before going onwards. Canzee manages to dispel the symbol before they rest. The party decides to rest in the antechamber. For some reason, Friar Bryn decides to sleep outside, where something mysterious may or may not have happened to him. Near the end of the night, Kasai, who is on watch, notices the inner door swing open to reveal a line of five dire tigers, very undead looking dire tigers at that. Four of the tigers are destroyed very quickly, with the fifth fleeing from the Wall of Fire.

Day 167

Next morning the party decides to check out the mysterious secret door. Beyond the secret door is a corridor leading to a large room filled with burial niches and lots of religious overtones (and not good ones). Chumly Wallaby recognises the iconography as belonging to Orcus, the demon lord of the undead. Stepping through to the next room, the party finds an open sarcophagus with a withered body bearing a magic dagger and a gold necklace. There is nothing else of interest in the rooms.

The party moves back through the secret door and to the next room along the corridor. Half way through the room, the party, with the exception of Kasai who is still at the door, trigger a trap which fills the room with swinging blades and flying darts. The party runs forward to the corridor at the end of the room, with a lethal trap now stranding Kasai at the entrance. The party goes forward along the corridor into a room with three sarcophaguses. All three sarcophaguses have undead rising from them. The party has a very rough fight with two raw-bones, the last remaining dire tiger and a weirdly fast undead thing. Kasai works out that there is a way around the trapped room and comes to the fight from the rear. However, his presence is too late for Mwaree as she falls to the strange undead creature. The fight ends, and Canzee cradles her big sister’s body.

Exp: 11,866
Total: 124,312
Next level: 155,000

You should do....Boom!!

Day 161

The party decides to go for a walk to the only ziggurat they had not explored. The ziggurat is slightly eroded, with a couple of sinkholes not helping. Upon investigation, this ziggurat gives a +2 on diplomacy, and increases to appraise and spell-craft to appraise magic items.

The party proceeds down the ziggurat and to the sinkhole in the corner of the ziggurat. To investigate the sinkhole Canzee flies down to investigate. However, she suddenly remembers what happened only four days ago, and flies back to hand Mwaree the end of a rope that is around her waist. That done, she flies into the cave and looks up to look straight into the face of an extremely large, and unhappy, bat. Canzee flees back to her sister’s side. The bat follows her and snatches up Mwaree with Canzee also pulled into the sky at the end of the rope. A couple of spell later and the bat falls from the sky. Canzee manages to fly up and cast levitate on Mwaree, who is battered and bruised by the bat as it falls past her…right on top of Friar Bryn, who had got underneath to try and catch Mwaree.

The party goes from the ziggurat to one of the strangely shaped seen from the top. A bit of scouting later and the party finds a set of large thick stone doors in a small canyon off the sinkhole. The party makes its way into the canyon using the vines that festoon the sides of the sinkhole. Abuto checks out the area before the door and finds that there are tracks of both small and large humanoids, several days old.

The party enters the room beyond the doors, where they encounter two halflings. The halflings ask to see the party’s right arms, which are shown to them. after examining the arms of the party, they attack. The two of them seem much more robust that normal halflings. After the first attack, they drop the illusion to be revealed as two Ogre Magi. A very tough fight later, they lie defeated. Examination of their armbands shows their allegiance to the Maka-Lika brigands. The party retreats to base camp.

Day 162

Next day, Canzee restarts her task of reviving the basilisk statues. Most of the party, with the exception of Chumly Wallaby decide to accompany her. As they approach the statue garden, they spy two people, obviously badly hurt, running towards them, chased by a group of others. The party goes on the offensive. One of the chased ones runs straight past the the party, with the obviously Mwangi sticking with the party.

Three fireballs and one entangle later and five of the opponents are dispatched. Three flee the scene and the party captures the last one.

Questioning the Mwangi guide and the captured gentleman, the party discovers that the Apsis Consortium are now under new management, and the management seems to be rather aggressive. They attacked and basically wiped out, the Shackles Pirate group. The party returns to base camp to warn them and prepare for an attack.

Day 163

The party tracks the pirates backwards to their camp. It is full of dead bodies, some of which appear to be badly mauled. The party quickly figures out the mystery as they are ambushed by two tigers. One is promptly turned into a small cat by Canzee. The other tiger starts to run off with Abuto in its mouth, only to be taken down by Friar Bryn and Kasai. Abuto then spends some quality time trying to calm down the tiger/small cat. Then back to base camp for the party for some more shoring up of defences.

Day 164

Back to the Pirate camp and try to track the Apsis Consortium back to their camp. It seems to be Fairly well set up with a palisade and guards. There are prisoners in cages in the centre of the camp.

The party returns to base camp to discuss the next steps forward with Aberwhinge, who wants the camp taken out. There is a robust discussion concerning how to achieve this.

The party then has the chance to speak to Jullivar, who is cured of her feeblemindedness by the druid who resurrected Canzee. She tells a story regarding Eando Kline and his discovery of a second serpentfolk city that is waking. The expedition to Ilmurea was attacked and captured, but Jullivar ran. She found and obscure tunnel, which lead to a portal, which in turn lead her to a room in a dungeon that the party recognises as the room Canzee died in. it was Jullivar who had smashed the crystals to render the portal inaccessible. She asked the party’s help to save her friends and the world from the menace represented by the serpentfolk.

The party decide that they need to deal with the present threat first. Chumly Wallaby, Friar Bryn and Kasai go to speak to the Sargavans to determine if they wish to have an alliance against this threat. however, as they approach the bridge, they are attacked by Apsis Consortium agents and notice that the island seems to be in the aftermath of a successful attack…no help there.

The party decides that they will attack the Apsis Camp while half of them are away and free the prisoners. The party moves quickly by Canzee flying and Flick teleporting the rest of the party (much to his delight). The party, having buffed, makes pretty short work of the ten Apsis Consortium agents left to guard the camp and the prisoners. The prisoners seem to be of all sorts, including Jask and Ishuro.

The party takes all the food they can and invites the thirty ex-prisoners back to their base camp. They then hunker down prepared to defend it.

Exp: 15,733
Total: 112,446
Next level: 155,000

Still Paranoid:

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.....

Day 159

Tempest appraoches the party to tell them that, although it would take the Pathfinder Society a week to organise to revive Canzee, he knows of a druid circle to the north. Rumour tells of a golden cauldron with many powers, including raising the dead.
Mwaree wishes to stay with Flick at Canzee’s body, so the party recruits two new helpers, Theo Sneakiss and Aswaithe, and heads north.

After a couple of hours travel, the party spies a circle of stones. Aswaithe runs into the centre of the circle when she spies a body slumped against the centre altar. However, she disturbs some Dire Wolves, which then attack. After four of them have been dispatched, the last one runs away, only to be taken down be Theo. Theo gets a dressing down from Aswaithe about killing things that are no longer a threat.

While the party is investigating the obviously dead body, a silver stag appears at the edge of the forest. It appears to want the party to follow it, which they do. The party follow it deeper into the jungle, and to a clearing where the stag turns into a human. The clearing in which the druid is standing has the strange property of making people nauseous when thinking about violence, a number of the party vomit during the conversation with him. The druid tells the story of a druid in the main druid’s grove who has turned evil after contracting lycanthropy and is slowly and methodically killing the rest of the circle. Only him and one other are alive. After the party tells him of the body near the Dire Wolves, he hangs his head, and says that now he is the only one alive. As the party heads off to destroy the evil druid in payment for raising Canzee, the druid warns them to not spill blood in the grove. The druid heads off in the other direction to recover the body of his friend.

While walking along the path, Abuto and Theo find a small trap filled with arrows, Theo disables the trap and get shot with an arrow, making her very friendly and she sneaks up and gives Kasai a peck on the cheek.

The party continues on, but keeps getting peppered by tiny arrows. The party decides to attack the irritating arrow wielders, but are only able to hear them, not see them. The party eventually works out that the pixie’s home is just down the road, and the party moves on, but not before Theo and Chumly Wallaby have a little sleep.

Further down the road the party come across a deep stream crossed by a fallen log. As theo crosses the log, two owlbears emerge from the jungle to attack. Theo runs back over the log. The owlbears cross the stream and attack the party. Chumly Wallaby manages to deal the killing blow to them both. The party then safely crosses the log, and continue on. After a while the party can hear singing. Although the females in the party are unmoved, the males, especially Friar Bryn, want to follow the sound to its source. After a while of following the good Friar, the party comes to an Ox-bow lake where there is a nymph singing. Some of the party are struck blind by her beauty. In conversation with her, the party finds out that she thinks that there is something wrong with one of the trees in the Druid’s grove. She indicates that the pixies may know how to deal with it (oops…). After admitting that the relationship with the pixies may not be…mmm…cordial, she tells the party that there may be another pixie further upstream.

The party decides to go looking upstream for the pixie, on the chance that there is information about what is going on that they are able to tell them. Further upstream, the party enters a part of the jungle strewn with spider webs. Through the webs the party can hear singing. After moving cautiously through the webs for a while, the party are attached by eight spiders. Though these spiders are weird, as they have the heads of wolves….wolf spiders indeed! The wolf spiders manage to trip Abuto, Friar Bryn and Theo, but they are then taken out rather quickly, mainly by Chumly Wallaby. Looking around the webs the party see a small form in a cocoon, which they quickly set free. The pixie introduces herself as Daisy, and after the party explains what they want she recites a poem, and hands us six copper nails.

Heroes true and happily thee,
of many thanks I offer free.
Many dangers here are true,
and more to face before you’re through.
Gothgul waits in yonder grove,
his eyes ablaze like fire’s coals.
Power it takes to set him free
from the curse of the Witch’s Tree.
Much I’ve learned and much I’ve seen,
and this I know and share with thee.
To poison her roots will choke her heart,
may these nail six give you a start.
Made from pennies by the Maudlin Queen,
drive them deep into the beast.
With blessings from the goodliest gods,
ere bewitched by evil charms.
Heed the warning but not the doom,
make this forest not a tomb,
Where there is death let life thus spring,
let beauty prevail and good thus reign.

With that advice Daisy leaves to join her brethren, with the parties apologising for their misunderstanding with the pixies.

The party heads off towards the grove again. Along the path the party comes across four werewolves. Kasai reacts very quickly, ensnaring them all in Black Tentacles, after which they are easily dispatched. Even further along the path, there is a small clearing to the right. Abuto and Theo split to the left and right of the clearing to investigate. On approach, Abuto is spotted by the five Dire Wolves and six werewolves in the clearing. Abuto quickly withdraws back to the party, drawing the wolves with her. One tough fight later, all but one dire wolf is dead, and it is convinced to run, run away.

A little while later, the party comes across what is obviously the Druid’s grove. There is a large forbidding tree in the centre, with an angry woman’s face in the bark, and a man who turns into a werewolf as he spies the party. After a tough fight where the party distracted the werewolf, while the six spikes are hammered in by Aswaithe and Friar Bryn, the tree dies. Chumly Wallaby, who had been bitten by the werewolf, manages to shake off the affliction with help from the party. Gothgul is also cured, but is unable to be redeemed as the tree had him in thrall for too long. The party finds the cauldron in the roots of the now-dead tree.

Day 160

The druid keeps his word, returning with the party to Savath-Yhi, and returns Canzee to her sister.

The druid reveals that Canzee does have a patron god, an ancient god, and the party is closer than we think to finding out that secret.

Exp: 12,333
Total: 96,713
Next level: 105,000

Still Paranoid:
Chumly Wallaby
Friar Bryn

And another one bites the dust...

Day 154

The party traipses off the explore more of the Artisan’s area, starting with an large plaza at the rear of the Ziggurat. The Plaza is set up as some sort of arena, with very lifelike statues of people standing around looking interested. Canzee and Mwaree cautiously enter the arena to examine the closest statue to the entrance. The statue is amazingly lifelike, either an amazing example of the artisan’s craft, or there is something turning people to stone. the question is answered as Abuto moves forward into the Arena, and three basilisks appear from their hiding places.

Mwaree casts an obscuring mist over the party, only to have the edges of it shredded by fireballs from Friar Bryn and Kasai. Chumly Wallaby then vanquishes one, with Mwaree vanquishing a second. Abuto bravely charges out of the mists to attack the third one, only to find it burnt to a crisp, and gently smoking.

The party looks around the arena, and find a blood-trail leading through the area. Abuto follows the blood-trail to the north to the next area, and we realise that this is where the party found the feeble-minded woman (who is still nameless). With the hope to find out more of her history, the party returns to the arena and starts to follow her tracks backwards. The tracks lead past the edge of the artisan’s area and to the east. The tracks wander quite a bit, but eventually lead to a pair of ancient stone doors set into a cliff. Any carvings on the doors have been eroded by time and the elements. One of the doors are slightly ajar. The party peeps in and notice an abandoned campfire in the centre of the room. Mwaree cast detect poison and finds many sources, all attached to arrows, which then fly towards the party.

Chumly Wallaby steps into the room and all the creatures shoot at him. The creatures look a bit like Charau Ki, but a more tribal version called Kech. The party swings into action, and many area of effects spells later, the Kech are sprawled around the room, gently smoking. Further into the room there is a t-intersection. In the tunnel to the left, the party smells, then sees, a dead body. The body is identified as a Saboosan, a creature affliated with vampires, although they are not vamoires themselves and do not drink blood. They are said to really hate apes….wrong place to be!! The body has been dead about two weeks.

The party moves on, and into a room with eight Kech. The eight Kech are easily dispatched and then the party goes back to the mansion for the night.

Day 155 – 157

The party finds out that the Sargavans have taken over the Government district, but are just throwing out all the records so they can move in. Chumly Wallaby negotiates that the Pathfinder Society will clean the chambers in exchange for all the records contained within them. Some other negotiations occur behind the party’s back. Each morning of these days, Canzee and Mwaree go over to the arena and free some of the statues.

Day 158

The party returns to the underground complex, and continue the way they were going. They get to a room with two exits, one which has a wicker screen in front of it. As Mwaree looks over the screen and down the corridor, she is attacked by four saboasans. The saboasans do nasty bleed effects and after a nasty, bloody battle, all four are defeated. The party then looks down the other corridor, and decides to go that way. They find a room with another four saboasans, which are dispatched. At the corridor leading out of the room, the party finds a short barrier that appears to be made from rock salt. A short way from the barrier, the party finds a partly dissolved body of a saboasan. Upon closer inspection, it looks like it has been dissolved by acid. Further down the corridor, the party find a room covered in slime, in the middle of which there is a giant slug. The slug is dispatched so quickly, that not everyone in the party gets to go at it.

Down the corridor from the slug room, there is a room with a statue standing opposite a door. Chumly Wallaby, Friar Bryn and Kasai examine the statue looking for anything odd. As they are doing so, Canzee and Mwaree look through the door into the next room, but don’t enter. The room has the remains of a large statue that looks like it held up the roof, as evidenced by the statue’s hands still attached to the ceiling. On the walls there are murals of the jungle, the city and the room itself.

Abuto, who has been looking up the corridor, enters the room to have a closer look at the murals, and the statue that the boys have been investigating comes alive. The party finds out that stone golems and extremely difficult, but not impossible, to destroy. After the golem crumbles to the floor, the party steps into the room to have a good look at the murals. The right hand wall depicts the valley before the city was constructed, the wall opposite the door depicts the city as it is currently, and the left hand wall depicts the room itself, though with the ruined statue in the centre of the room intact. While looking around, Canzee notices some broken crystals on the ground near the statue.

Meanwhile, Friar Bryn is examining the left hand wall mural and notices a door in the mural, with what appears to be empty slots for gems. He then reaches out to touch the mural to see if the slots are real, or painted. As he touches the mural, fire sheets through the room, heavily damaging the party, and killing Canzee.

Mwaree runs to her sister’s side and cradles the body, with a clearly distraught Flick refusing to leave his mistress’s side. A somber party leaves the area, with Mwaree insisting on carrying Canzee’s body. The party goes back to their home base in the mansion to see what is possible to return Canzee to them.

Exp: 10,667
Total: 84,380
Next level: 105,000

Still Paranoid:
Chumly Wallaby
Friar Bryn

Mighty Holy T-Rex, Batman

Day 150

The party prepares to take on the Rakasha. As the party makes its way over the bridge to the centre island, Mwaree, using her detect evil ability, detects one evil creature at the end of the bridge. The Raksaha pops up and lightning bolts the party. And it is on. Most of the party rushes forward to attack the Raksasha, leaving the three spellcasters behind the front lines. However, it is then that Tentaguard (the demon the party released from the jar), attacks the rear of the party, ending up with Kasai in its mouth. Kasai then greases himself while Mwaree beats on the Raksasha. As the Raksasha goes down, a large, mean-looking Girillion jumps up beside it to attack the front lines. Meanwhile, Canzee and Friar Bryn are helping Kasai, who has escaped from the mouth of Tentaguard. However, Tentaguard now goes after Canzee and ends up with her in its mouth. Mwaree, seeing her sister in trouble, leaves the Girillion to Abuto and Chumly Wallaby and rushes to Canzee’s rescue. Abuto and Chumly Wallaby manage to take down the girillion while Mwaree is beating on Tentaguard. However, Tentaguard then casts Blasphemy, paralysing most of the party, and teleports away.

When the party finds a Ring of Water Walking on the Rakasha, Flick puts up his claw for it so he can become a mighty, holy T-rex.

The party then continues on to explore the centre island. At the very end of a group of connected islands they find the boggard shaman they were asked to find by the boggard chieften who would then let them look at the boggard’s ziggurat. The party find the shaman cleaning the Pillar of Law, with help from some zombies. When speaking to the shaman the party finds that he does not wish to return to his tribe until he is finished his task as the “voice of the swamp” has asked him to do so. The party decides to leave him alone for now.

Day 151

The party decides to walk around to explore the one district we have yet to explore. As the party skirts the edge of the central lake they notice a woman running towards them with six apes chasing her. Friar Bryn steps forward and she collapses into his arms. The six apes are quickly dispatched by the rest of the party. The woman looks very hurt and does not appear to speak or understand very much. However, she bears a Pathfinder Society tattoo. The party decides to go and find the Main party that they have been advance scouts for. They find the party, only to be bawled out by Aberwhinge for marking the camp near a ghost that keeps respawning. No-one in the PFS party recognises the woman now in the party’s care.

Day 152

The now expanded party makes its way to our base camp, the mansion and the large party sets up camp with the more senior personnel taking rooms in the Mansion. Aberwhinge seems somewhat mollified by the luxury.

Canzee takes any injured people up to the top of the now cleared ziggurat and heals them, which activates the spire.

Tempest takes the woman the party found aside and works out the she has been affected by a Feeblemind spell.

Day 153

Next day, the party decides to go and visit the Lillend to see if she is able to heal the feeblmind condition. As the party walks through the Artisans’ district, they see no people, but evidence of something gone horribly wrong, with bloodstains and drag marks in evidence. As the party approaches the district’s ziggurat, they see a familiar figure, the large demon ape, appear in the doorway of the ziggurat. Then suddenly, everything goes dim. The party defeats the demon ape, only to find the Lillend defeated in her rooms.

The party decides to investigate the blood-trails, and starts following them, but the woman becomes quite agitated, so the party returns her to base camp. They tell Aberwhinge what has occurred, then walk off in mid-rant to return to their investigations.

The blood-trails lead across the small stream that surrounds the district to a large building to the west. As the party approaches, many ghouls and ghasts come from the building, with their necromancer master not far behind. Many of the ghouls are fresh, and the party sees some familiar faces. After a hard fight, the necromancer and his horde are defeated. The party finds some of the artisans in the building, but it is obvious that some managed to escape.

Exp: 7,933
Total: 73,715
Next level: 75,000

Still Paranoid:
Chumly Wallaby
Friar Bryn


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