Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.

This is the end, my friends

Upon the defeat of Vyr-Azul and beheading of the avatar of Ydersius, his body flees once more into the Darklands, leaving behind only a trail of blood and his nigh-impervious skull.
Once Ydersius is finally defeated, his rapid departure sends a psychic shockwave through the remaining serpentfolk in Ilmurea and across Golarion, helping the army turn the tide against the demoralized snakemen and chase the serpentfolk out of Ilmurea. Though some serpentfolk remain in isolated pockets of the ruined city, infighting and skirmishes with the vengeful urdefhans and ravenous morlocks take their toll, keeping them well in check. Ilmurea, and Saventh-Yhi above, are finally free of the serpentfolk threat.

Ydersius’s defeat also heralds changes in Saventh-Yhi above. The city’s seven spears are gone, piercing the heart of Ilmurea and opening the subterranean city to the surface. Unfortunately for Saventh-Yhi, however, the spears’ descent also removes many of the city’s magical defenses—the mirage arcana and nondetection effects that have long cloaked the city end with the removal of the spears, as does the anti-entropic magic that has preserved
the city for so long. Coupled with the damage inflicted on the city by the earthquakes and tremors created by the spears as they bored into the earth, Saventh-Yhi becomes much like any other lost city in the Mwangi Expanse, and will likely succumb to the encroaching jungle and ravages of sun and weather before too long.

Nevertheless, the sponsors of the expeditions to Saventh-Yhi take a more active interest in the famous Azlanti ruins. An influx of settlers, treasure-seekers, and merchants soon descends on the city, eager to rebuild and reclaim it, and Saventh-Yhi seems destined to become another diverse metropolis in the Mwangi Expanse. The city could well become a hotbed of intrigue and political gamesmanship for years to come.

In addition, the serpentfolk have always harbored a tremendous hatred for humanity, and this latest episode only magnifies their desire to avenge themselves on mankind. Back in Sverenagati, the serpentfolk elders make their own plans, regardless of whether Vyr-Azul
succeeded in restoring Ydersius. Some may follow in the high priest’s footsteps to seek out the decapitated snake-god and restore him again, while others might seek to unleash arcane horrors from the timeless vaults of serpentfolk lore, triggering other surprises from the depths below the Azlanti ruins.

Flick says: Two Gods enter, One God leaves
The final battle

Day 199 cont.

The party are on the balcony where they kicked serpentfolk butt. They decide to go through these doors into the chamber where they take the right hand exit. The small chamber beyond has fissures leading into a larger chamber with a large statue in the centre of it. As the party looks in the large statue animates, becoming another of the large golems we have dealt with before. It lumbers towards the party, who realise that it can’t fit through the small fissures, so back off and let Abuto deal with it. At this point the large doors in the small chamber the party are in and the large chamber the other golem is in crash open and two dual headed snake constructs come in. The construct in the large chamber is accompanied by a strange looking serpent folk.

In the next moment, Abuto takes down the original construct. M’waree and Kasai take down the dual headed snake construct in the chamber where the party is, leaving the other construct and the weird seapentfolk.

Abuto works out that the serpentfolk is a Elder Serpentfolk of the Amphisbaenian Rite. Straight after that he attempts to disintegrate Abuto and is taken down with extreme prejudice.

M’waree then heals Flick, after all, he is the party leader. The party then defeats the last golem, and decides to have a rest. Just before resting Abuto creates a Treasure Map from the Elder Serpentfolk.

Day 200

First thing next morning, the party goes to the first room on the map. As the party is searching the room, four serpentfolk and their pet snakes attack the party. Canzee, who is watch, casts Confusion in their midst, affecting three serpentfolk and three snakes.

A spellcaster suddenly appears and casts Chain Lightning into the midst of the party. He soon regrets the move as Canzee targets him with a Destruction and Abuto finishes him off. The three confused serpentfolk up the back do a Larry, Curly, Moe display until the Confusion runs out. the two left standing are taken out by Abuto.

The party continues down the corridor, through another chamber into a courtyard with an empty statue pedestal. There are open double doors leading out into the large cavern the party came in by. This is obviously when the first golem the party encountered came from. The party continues onward into a corridor with stairs leading downwards, and come to a door sheathed in lead….someone likes their privacy. When the door is opened the party is confronted by a large float snake’s head. with snakes coming out where the body would be. Looks like we have found the head of Yderius. There are also two statues in the room, which are soon revealed as more golems. Abuto takes care of the golems while the rest of the party concentrates on the Head. Once the party hits their stride, the Head is dispatched very quickly.

However, Abuto’s map shows something further into the complex, so the party continues down the corridor. Off to the sides of the corridor, there are six storerooms containing human clothing, probably used as disguises for the Coils of Yderuis assassins. Continuing down the corridor there is a large chamber with decorated columns and a snake motif on the floor, leading to a set of double doors. the party works out that the columns and the snakey floor thing are made to look pretty by the use of presidigiation. The columns have writing on them protected by Sepia Snake Sigils, found by Canzee, and negated by her Nine Lifes spell. After dealing with the room, the party tries the door, but it appears to be blocked somehow, not even opening with the use of the Chime of Opening.

The party decides to make their way around. The party finds a room further down the corridor with snakes all over the floor. However, Canzee, who has True Seeing, walks straight in, revealing the snakes to be an illusion. As the party enters the chamber four Hezrou demons appear, a moment later a marilith appears behind the party. The marilith grabs Friar Bryn, which Canzee takes exception to and turns the marilith into a rabbit, a rabbit that then bugs out. The Hezrou don’t last long after that.

The party continues on through the room to the far corridor. There is a small room off the corridor with Glyphs all over the floor. Kasai works out that it is a non-operating teleport room. Round the corner and the party enters a strange shaped room containing five serpentfolk, one with different armour and weapons and four pet serpents. The battle is over after some damage taken by the party (mostly the damage soak, Trey), but not as much as the bad guys.

The party decides to go into the next room. They open the door and find a very large cavern with a huge fozzilised skull guarded by four standard guards, two magic users, a huge snake, and an Avatar of Yderuis.

The following narrative of the final battle is derived from extracts of the scolls “The Companion Histories – as scribed by Friar Bryn of Malwr, Humble Cleric of Sarenrae”

The story concludes thus

And so the great adventure came to its inescapable conclusion, with the followers of the path encountering the great evil that was Yderuis, a serpent most vile, within his dark domain in what was to become their final conflict, deep within the dark halls of Ilmurea, far beneath the ruins of Saventh-Yhi.

Mighty magics are swiftly hurled around the vast chamber of evil. Huge elementals of the good earth are brought forward to aid in our endeavours, divine fire and power is rained down from the heavens by mine self, and the Enchantress Canzee, Witch of the Ancestors, does bring forth great clouds of inhuman darkness to obscure us from the eyes of evil, her unnerving cackling causing our assailants to falter in their plans. Our mighty Magus, Kasi of the Dragon Kind, then summons forth an animated pit that forms beneath the evil ones, quickly devouring some of the serpent’s minions.

It is then that our shining Paladins – Trae, Holy Vindicator of Iomeda and Mwaree, Champion of Sarenrae – most resplendent in their polished armours and surrounded by divine auras of courage and faith, do charge forth into the fray, raining blow after blow of divine power upon the great evil, yet in the midst of battle ever always calling forth the will of their deities to protect and heal their allies.

And from the firmament above, having been granted the gift of flight, the Great Archer Abuto of the Rangers pours forth a hail of arrows such that we shall now fight in the shade of her fury, whilst below our mighty magus is granted his life’s greatest aspiration and takes the form of a mighty blood red dragon so that he might rain down death upon these evil minions of the serpent.

But not all goes the way of our champions. The Serpent Avatar most evil does mutates the valiant archer into an evil viper, but is swiftly countered in its plans by the ever vigilant witch. A serpent magi summons great dinosaurs to counter the elementals in an attempt to outnumber and devour our champions. Another magi then takes the form of a huge black dragon in an attempt to bring down our own, bringing about a great struggle to command the air above the conflict.

The Avatar, having been foiled in its first devious plan, then brings confusion and distraction to the great archer, reducing her to but a simple servant with which to do it’s biding, banishing her to sit upon the alter of evil, what vile intentions it had can only be guessed. Our elemental companions fall in glorious battle, but then the great evil strikes the foulest of blows, one of the champions falls! The Holy Vindicator Trae, Paladin of Iomeda,‎ is brought low by this avatar of evil, his life’s blood slowly seeping into the earth.

But yet our champions rally, and one, diminutive in form but yet great in fortitude, the mighty Flick, Guardian of Witches, steps forward to confront the great dinosaurs which are attempting to bring low his companions. Though word and deed alone he does bring the mighty reptiles to heel, keeping them from causing great horrors on the others, even convincing them that a mighty serpent companion of the dark magi is their real foe. The savage carnage thence inflicted by these three upon the serpent is not for our gentle readers to consider. Then, the shining Mwaree, though covered in the blood of her foes, steps forth between the foul beast and her fallen companion Trae, valiantly battling the great evil on her own, holding the line until the others can yet rejoin the battle.

Our most powerful witch, calling upon the might of her ancestors, comes again to the aid of the ensorcelled archer, breaking the evil enchantments that were heaped upon her, thus returning her to the fray. Mine self, wounded but still wielding that that is the glory of Sarenrae, steps into the fray and through her divine blessing, restores life to the fallen Trae, whilst still striking blows against the beast with the aid of my life long companion, Wilson of the Palm.

But then, through all of the great magics renting the air, the screams of glory and pain and the fury of battle, our champions’ deed is now done. Yderuis has fallen, its foul head sundered from its body by Canzee wielding Savith’s reforged blade, and his evil minions now scattered or dead. The quest is over, Saventh-Yhi, City of Seven Spears, indeed the world, is safe yet again from the horrors of the serpent.

And now gentle readers, as I sit back in the shelter of our camp, the din of battle a fading memory, I hope that through the writings of these histories, when others walk through that which is Saventh-Yhi, or follow the dark and dangerous path that leads there, they may pause, and think of our champions, even if just for a moment, and remember their quest and their companion’s that fell along the road – Oparal Snake Bane, Taurus The Inquisitor and Chumly Wallaby, Colonial Explorer.

Into the Jaws of Death

Day 197
In regard to Canzee wielding Savith’s sword a suggestion has been made to strap it to her back and throw her.

Money division time: Everyone gets 33,946gp each

Abuto and Trae have gone off to investigate strange visions in the jungle. Canzee detects that her witch ward has gone down on Abuto. Does this mean trouble? Canzee and Mwaree fly off. Friar Brynn decides to follow Flick who is gesturing wildly. Battle is found! Abuto goes down! One of the bad guys shoots at a flying Canzee and suddenly finds itself 60’ in the air and falls splat. We eventually kill 8 coils.

Day 198
Exp 34,134
Money 35,991gp

Aveshai presents Canzee with the repair Falchion – Savith’s sword. Eroeme is the spirit in the blade. Comments are made that the sword will never exceed Flick’s ego.

Aberwinge and Aveshai hunt us down for a strategy meeting.
We are ready to activate the spires. It is our job to go the as yet unexplored underground area. We are to go in via the spiral walkway which will be left when the Military district spire’s drills down.
Aberwinge assigns people (armies) to each area, we could call these distractions while we head for the main area.

As the spires are activated much rumbling and tremors occur. Behind are left 40’ wide spiral pathways. At the bottom of the ramp we find 3 serpent folk and 8 morlock slaves. The Morlocks attack – so much for saving the slaves. Abuto takes the first damage in the melee. Are the morlock slaves dominated or willing accomplices? Kasai has been sickened – does he now vomit fire?

Abuto dies – or nearly the Friar breaths life back into her. Goats appear to drag her to safety. Where did the goats come from?

Battle over time for lots of healing
The rest of our army finally appears – oh well they are monkeys .

Our next objective is the sanctuary. BIG snake in our road. It grapples Mwaree. It tries to attack with negative energy dust – totally dismissed by Canzee. After flinging Mwaree and Trae around a few times if finally dies.
Time for – you guessed it – more healing.
We continue on and come to a large cavern with high ledges along each side. We take the high road. Only to be hit by waves of negative energy. We hurry thru – but not before Abuto casts find snares and pits in the next room. We hurry more slowly and thus avoid the pits in the next room. We cannot avoid the hordes or morlocks in the next room. While fighting a flying Canzee amuseds herself by using a voodoo doll to enticing each morlock to run into a pit.
Just when we thought we were winning reinforcements arrive 12 more morlocks. Kasai tries to back-peddle and falls into a pit, fortunately it does not stop him casting a fireball. A witch with a confusion spell – oh so entertaining. Almost all gone – the last two insist on fighting each other – who are we to stop them.

We follow the lead of Wilson the all powerful deeper into the cavern system. We find a Massive gate made of two adamantine doors. To each side are balconies carved to form the mouth of a snake. The floor is made of an old lava flow. Canzee wanders off and triggers the mushroom siren. No Naan, No Naan, No Naan. As we enter the cavern a Thessalhydra appears. All Mwaree know is that it’s not evil, so she can’t do as much damage.
1 dead Thassalhydra later and it’s time to rest, our Pudgy Tree Fairy mushrooms hiding amongst the mushrooms already there.

Day 199
Kasai, carrying Trae, flies towards a balcony that seems to have 2 serpent folk on it. Canzee flies, Mwaree flies and Abuto shoots something. Poor Friar left behind. Mwaree and Trae land on the balcony, well Trae lands on one of the serpent folk. Kasai then flies back for Friar Brynn, who lands and shakes his furry coconut at them.

A rumbling announces that the Adamantine doors are starting to open. Canzee flies over to have a look. “oh crap” A giant snake like golem emerges. Kasai grease the ground in front of the golem and it promptly falls over. Canzee makes one of the serpent folk walk thru the fighting and off the edge of the balcony. Kasai’s next trick is to cast hungry pit in front of the greased area. The golem and it’s two friends fall in.

With 1 impressive round of arrow fire, Abuto dispatches the golem.

Exp 122,677 Total 780,368 (109,632 to next level – bring a 16th level character just in case)

Out of the Past

Day 192

After a restful night in the pudgy tree fairy meadow, we set off to the next place on Abuto’s treasure map. We find a room with smashed statues and display cabinets inside force cages.

Abuto does a lap of the room and discovers 4 secret doors. We pick one and it leads on to a series of natural rock tunnels and caverns. 4 Froggy things emerge from the lake in one of the caverns. Abuto tries to talk to them. Canzee identifies them as Hydrodeamons. Kasai tries out some chain lightning. Abuto, Canzee and Mwaree get spat on which sends them all to sleep.

Flick is sent to tail slap the sleepy ones. And Trae gets greased to remove him from a rolled up tongue. Flick gets to the Friar and dances on his face. Canzee is jealous.
Much fighting ensues and the froggy ones learn it’s not easy to pick up someone who has been greased.

After killing 3 of them it suddenly goes dark and we can hear the sploshing sounds as the frog retreats to the water.

After the light returns we map out much of the cavern system, the return to the corridor with smashed statues to open the door at the far end. It gives onto the serpent throne room complete with crystal alter. Oh and 3 Urdenhan and one big tentacely thing. (An Astrodaemon)

More fighting. We win. We find the Urdenhan Cleric’s holy symbol to Trellmarrixion.
Time to search and loot the room.

Time to rest. As we enter the Pudgy tree fairy meadow Canzee feels like she has left something behind – but all our party are accounted for. After jumping in and out of the meadow several times to test the feeling, Friar Brynn requests a rest so that he can change his spells.

Day 193

Friar Brynn tries to Commune with Sarenrae. After many carefully worded questions we find that it is an unknown friend that has been left behind.

We wander around some more and come to a room with a woman being run through by a Cyclops all held in a stasis field. Canzee thinks this is the source of her feeling of leaving someone behind. Canzee casts legend lore on the cyclops. The cyclops is Aveshai once the right hand of Savith who according to lore disappeared before the final battle.

Day 194

Now that Canzee has another spell she performs legend lore on the woman. She was leading one of Savith’s armies but turned out to be a Serpent Folk spy and traitor.

Friar Brynn dispels the stasis field. As it comes down the woman slides down the blade dead, a small disk falls from her hand. As Mwaree tries to pick up the disk Aveshai yells at her so Mwaree leaves it be.

Aveshai converses with Canzee in Azlanti, and she tries to explain to him that much time has passed since he was enchanted – about 11 thousand years.

We bring him into the Meadow, Mwaree being one of the last carefully picks up the disk with some material, wraps it up and places it in her pack.

In the meadow we bring Aveshai up to date with current times and he tells tales to us. He explains how the Spires are supposed to work, by being activated all at the same time. Once having done so they will drill down to destroy the counterpart temples below.

Time to teleport back to base, taking Aveshai with us.

We take Aveshai to the tomb of Savith, a place only Canzee could previously enter, and then not all the way. However now in Aveshai’s company we can all enter right thru to the tomb. He takes a look at the main sarcophagus then goes to the smaller one, which holds Savith’s broken sword.

He believes he may be able to mend the sword but only one person in our party will be able to use it. He looks directly at Canzee – and Flick immediately starts posturing as if he were the one chosen.

Much talk about campaign strategies. We talk to all the different peoples on the surface and convince them to agree to help us (ie join the army).

The Spires are to be activated before the army heads underground

exp. 102,400
Total: 623567
Next: 635,000
(note to players – bring a 15th level character as well)

Into the Hunter's Maze

Day 190

After a good night’s rest, the party returns to the cliff at the north of the city, where they had defeated Ratboy. At the top of the ramp there is a small plateau, which is surrounded by cliffs. In the centre of the cliff-face opposite the ramp up, there are two colossal serpent-folk statues flanking a circular passageway, which has glowing sigils and runes along its length. To the east of the main passage there is a large alcove with an enclosure. In the enclosure there is a number of morlocks looking very blank-faced. Most of the party go over to have a look.

There is another tunnel flanked by two serpent-folk statues opposite the morlock pen. Canzee wanders over to have a look and to mind the party’s back. She notices that the runes and sigils seem to indicate serpent-folk hunting. Kasai uses this information to work out the password to the gate. He gets one of the morlocks to follow him out of the pen. The morlock follows any commands given to it. Closer examination of the gate shows that there is a symbol of persuasion built into the structure of the gate. Canzee destroys the symbol by using her green slime ability. The destruction of the symbol releases the morlocks from their persuaded status. Some of them immediately bolt away, but some stick around and get direction as to the safer way to get to their home.

After much discussion, Abuto and Flick go for a scout up the centre tunnel. As they get past the doors, the doors close, crushing the log placed there to hold them, and the Symbol of Fear is triggered. Both Abuto and Flick are panicked and run down the corridor. Canzee casts Teleport on Flick, but doesn’t realise that he had left Abuto’s shoulder, so only gets Flick, not Abuto with the Teleport.

After a bit of buffing against Fear for those who need it (a putting a panicked Flick into a sack), the party makes its way down the corridor to Abuto who is cowering against a closed and locked door. The party waits for both Abuto and Flick to come to themselves, and then Friar Bryn uses his Chime of Opening to open the obviously barred door.

Upon opening the door, bothMwaree and Trae warn the party of five sources of evil at the top of the stairs. Kasai volunteers to go for an invisible scout. At the top of the stairs he finds a largish room with seven life sized statues of serpent-folk warriors at parade rest standing on plinths. There are two larger statues of robed serpent-folk flanking a set of stairs leading down at the end of the room. There are also stairs leading down at either side of the room. There are five Urdefhans randomly patrolling the room. Unluckily, one spies the rest of the party down by the door, and combat starts. After the party finds out that sneak attack really hurts, the five urdefhans are defeated. the party then decides to explore the maze, using the left hand rule. However, Abuto then remembers that she has an interesting spell that makes a treasure map from the skin off a creature’s back, revealing what it considers the three most valuable things in the area.

She casts the spell using one of the Urdefhans, and the party heads towards a circular room revealed by the map. Upon approaching the room, the party is attacked by two meladaemons. After a couple of Horrid Wiltings, lots of lightning bolts and other nastiness, the two are defeated. In the room there appears to be a portal to another plane, Abbadon, not a nice place for a holiday. The party decides to leave in alone and rest in Canzee’s Pudgy Tree Fairy Wonderland.

Day 191

The following morning we are off to the second place on Abuto’s Treasure Map. This room also has a set of stairs leading down in each wall, but has four statues in the room, each pointing t a large inscribed circle in the centre of the room. There are six Urdenhans in the room. After a bit of a skirmish they run away. four down the rear stair and one to each side. The party waits for a while, alert to an attack, while Canzee is working out that this place is a teleportation circle, both to and from somewhere. While she is doing this the two Urdenhan who uses the side stairs attack from the rear of the party. However, Friar Bryn and Kasai have been waiting for just this thing and the party makes short work of them. At this time, the other four Urdenhan come back up the rear stairs. Canzee, Mwaree and Trae come into the room to engage them. At that point they all run away and set off the circle, which has been set to explode….owww…

The party then cleans up the four Urdenhans, starting with the one who set off the trap. Then off to the Pudgy Tree Fairy Wonderland again.

exp. 37767
Total: 521,167
Next: 635,000

And then there was a Protoshogoth

The Gods (and Godesses have smiled upon us) Immediate Upgrade to Level 14 (445000xp)
I wonder what lies ahead.
Mwaree takes over from our normal scribe.

Day 188
Battle with Urdefhan
Canzee wants us (Mwaree and Kasai) to attack her – she has some weird new spell she wants to try. Canzee gets hit Kasai and immediately swaps places with one of the Urdefhan. Oh well it’s here now let’s hit it. Kasai does scorching ray, then Mwaree hits it. 1 down. Canzee keeps swapping places every time someone hits her. Confusing !!!
Is Abutu BLEEDING ?? Much rule discussion ensues. No she is not – no thanks to Trey. Much more rule discussion about what Abutu can do with her arrows. Mwaree says keep it simple Hit – Kill.
Why is there talk about pudgy tree fairies and flick operating an ipad. Abutu kills one Yeah!! Trey continues to soak up damage. Friar Bryn remembers he is also an alchemist and starts throwing bombs. 3 left (Urdefhan that is) and they commit suicide by exploding on us causing a few more points of damage.
A total of 5 Urdefhan have been killed – loot the bodies!!
Can we get to the ramp without being attacked again?
Haemaphobic Vampire? Needles – now a Fairy Dragon, is acting as a drone flying above the escarpment.
After much cajoling by the GM we take a look at the LOG in the Pond. The log is simply a log, however it’s friend the Protoshogoth is a problem. It swallows TreyMwaree tries to liberate him – Oh dear now – now Mwaree is also swallowed, and regretting using her fancy new spell on Trey. Abutu is confused – now her intelligent bow is trying to take over. Friar Brynn has conjured a water elemental that turns into a water vortex and slams Proto. Trey says “We almost made it to the end of the campaign and then there was a Protoshogoth.
OK, the intelligent bow HAS taken over Abutu. Will we notice, will it do a better job? Who cares we want Abutu back. Friar Brynn decides not to hit Abutu who while confused did a massive amount of damage to him. Instead he attempts to dispel the confusion – can he dispel it? No Dispel. (No 5 Alive) Abutu gets to act normally – the entire party yells SHOOT IT.
Yay she killed it. Oops Abutu is still confused. Who will she hit now “Scatter” is the cry. Canzee holds her just to be safe. Abutu claims she is still confused as she has no idea of what was going on and why she was held. Situation Normal.
Canzee has now got the log from the pond and is inviting people to sit with her. Mwaree wants to leave – we’ve used too much healing. Canzee is convinced to teleport people back to safety as opposed to her new you beaut spells that provides a beautiful glade with pudgy tree fairies to serve you. Unfortunately this leaves a ring of mushrooms to be seen by anyone around.

Day 189
After resting we teleport back. Is there a log in the water? No thank Sarenrae. But there are evil auras above the escarpment. Tactics and planning ensue to attack the creatures. – basically let the spell casters attempt to obliterate them first. Are we going up or down or round and round loving the spin we’re in – oops drifted into song. Getting on to the log – now I see my sister’s (Canzee) wisdom – she’ll levitate the log up and up we’ll all go. Gee where did that huge earth elemental come from? Has Friar Brynn been playing in the dirt again? I get distracted – What do you mean Friar Brynn has cast Flame Strike. Oh it was a pathetic one, no wonder I didn’t notice. Friar corrects me – he did a huge amount of damage – it just didn’t have any effect. Mwaree steps in whacks it and it dies. (Oh did I mention we were attacking more Urdefhan?) The Urdefhan tries to fatigue the Earth elemental who laughs and says Nice try but no effect. I wonder if the earth elemental is a cousin of Wilson. – No it must have been summoned by Wilson as Wilson has been looking uncharacteristically silent – not even a disconcerting look.
Kasai casts a pit type spell – unfortunately the Urdefhan under which it was cast, can actually hover. Melodeman (now called rat boy) who is hovering has lots of immunities, and resistances – Mwaree can’t get within melee distance without getting sucked into the pit.
Abutu takes advantage of Mwaree’s Aura of Faith to shoot the Melodemon with good aligned arrows. Unfortunately Ratboy is now surrounded by fire, making it difficult for us to see him. Enter the log elevator going up – shoes – stockings – Ratboy. Exit the Earth elemental just as the paladins arrive. Ufortunately Mwaree has just realised that she left her sister (Canzee) unprotected – hope she’ll be ok.
HORRID WILTING – is as it’s name suggests – taking Kasai, Abutu, Canzee, Friar, Flick and Needles for heaps of damage. Friar HEAL pleeeeease. Flick finally asks for help when directly asked and Needles uses a CLW wand on him.
Friar convinces Ratboy that whenever he does a violent act he takes 3d6 non-lethal damage. One hopes he doesn’t try to be serene. – Oh he was just faking it Pity that.
The paladins remove 2 more Urdefhan. Now about ratboy 25’ in the air 20’ wall of flame around him, and a pit trap under him – this is a job for the ranged specialists. Abutu is exhausted, Mwaree has a wand of Lessor Restoration, Problem Abutu is 20’ in the air – Needles to the rescue acting as rapid delivery. Ratboy moves next to Canzee, She is now fatigued and takes damage “Noooooooo” comes from Mwaree. All that effort to get a wand of lessor restoration to Abutu and what does she do – kills ratboy.
Time to get the loot. One wand of Ray of exhaustion – nasty effect – much better in our hands.

Exp 38,400

I am Tentagard

Day 185

Next day the party decides to try to enter the head of the temple-snake. To get past the Forbiddance spell, Canzee flys over invisible and casts Break Enchantment on the Forbidance spell, on the second try it works. Flick did a great Biggles impression with helmet, goggles and scarf.

The party comes over ZZZzzzzz writer falls asleep.

Day 186
Fought some stuff… Rested one night, fought Tentagard (186).

Day 187
Rested another night and teleported in to grab Eando

Exp 66,987

Still creeping

Day 181

The next day the party decides to go into the serpent folk area to find the devil vampire general and try to find Eando Kline. Kasai flies while invisible with Flick around the Temple in the lake & another temple in a forest like fungus area. He spies a couple of possible entry points on this quick scout & reports them to the party. The party walks around the edge of the lake along the edge of the cliff. When walking through the fungus forest, the party is ambushed by 6 gugs. The gugs do a lot a damage, and Friar Bryn casts Wall of Fire to protect the party from the damage. The gugs, after taking damage from the wall, and from Kasai, who sneaks outside the wall as an earth elemental, retreat.

Once the party gets to the serpent folk area, they decide to look at one of the temples in the fungus forest. It is very similar to the building that the demon vampire king was in. And has a set of stairs leading down, which is blocked half way down.

The party rests in one of the empty buildings at the lakeshore watching the main serpent building in the lake’s centre.

Day 182

The next day the party teleports to the main island, arriving at a large whole in the side of the snake shaped building which Kasai had spotted & the party agreed might be a good entry point. Entering the building the party proceeds in an upwards anti-clockwise direction. Along the corridor they find a room full of debris, including bones, Abuto goes in to scout, only to find the room’s inhabitants, 8 gugs. The party has an easier time of these gugs as they are funnelled into the doorway and encounter a wall of fire and a hungry pit…nom nom nom.

Next doorway along the corridor has a double stone door, which upon opening reveals 11 serpentfolk. After a very very tough fight later, the party grabs a couple of important bodies teleports out to rest. RUN AWAY RUN AWAY bravely of course

Day 183

This day Kasai and Canzee go for an invisible flying scout. Checking out the city, it all looks in good repair. Kasai wishes to rest to get back the spells he used.

Day 184

The party decide to go back into the snake building, this time through the hole in the head of the snake. The teleport seems to fail, leading to the conclusion that there is a Forbiddance on that part of the building. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valour, they check out the tail of the snake, finding a portcullis sealed passage way.

Day 185

Next day Canzee teleports the party into the passageway behind the portcullis. They encounter 6 guards, kill 4, and when their 3 friends turn up, bug out. Right before Friar Bryn collapses.

Exp. 37,533
Total 293,910

Comment from Tony after some discussion re xp: your current Total XP is 293 910 and we will take it from there. I can live with you having gained 481XP from somewhere. It is a world of magic after all.


Day 180

The party makes its way through the city and a voice calls out from one of the roof tops that ‘surface dwellers, I want to talk to you’. The party looks around, but cannot see the source of the voice. The source of the voice is revealed to be a female drow in white leather armour. She introduces herself as Vedavrex. And hopes that the party can help her release her companion, a male drow. As the party indicates that they are also looking for a companion, she asks if they would consider a alliance for the purpose of releasing their friends.

She takes the party across the roof to a hole in the roof. There are 6 demon vampires in the room below. With the application of a poppet hex, a confusion spell and a serenity spell, they handily defeat each other, with only one needing to be despatched by Abuto.

The party opens a door after being warned by M’waree that there are 6 evil auras behind the door. Behind the door there are 4 demon vampires and 2 piscodemons. They are reasonably easily despatched. The party continues along the corridor and opens another door into a wide curving hall. Although the door appears empty to begin with, as they proceed down the hallway 3 piscodemons appear at the end of the hallway. They attack on sight. The party eventually dispatches them, with the fight made harder by one of the demons, summoning 4 smaller hydrodemons.

The door that was being guarded by the demons.

Beyond the door was a throne room with the King of Demon Vampires there. Rather than engaging the party with weapons, spells, or even just teeth, he engaged them in conversation instead. He spoke of working with Endo Kline to remove the Serpent Folk from this subterranian city but had asked Kline to prove that he was a capable war leader by going off and killing a general who had betrayed the king. Kilne has not returned. The king makes the same offer to the party who agree.

The party then looks around and realises that the drow who had accompanied them is missing. The party, accompanied by the king, goes to the dungeon to find the drow’s ‘friend’ lying in a pool of his own blood with a slit throat.

Exp 9,333
Total 256,377

Flick and Associates

Day 177

We travel off with our new friend, Trae, in tow. The party decides to go off and look at the large round building to the west of the mansion in an attempt to keep the morlocks on side. The party comes through the entry of the building and finds a large room with a pit in the centre of it. Entering the building very cautiously the party is ambushed from four cloakers from the ceiling. Kasai is engulfed and the cloaker tries to run off with him, until Canzee tells them to drop him, with one of her poppets in hand. The party prevails.

The party looks into the pit and finds a stairway leading down, however, the stairway is choked with rubble, and is completely impassable.

The party then goes to investigate the scrub of fungus in the centre of the city. The morlocks had warned the party that something comes out of the ground when anyone goes into the area. The party walks into the rubble area and are attacked by two elder earth elementals, they hit really hard and are eventually defeated. There is an old destroyed temple in the centre of the area, it looks like it was dedicated to one of the serpentfolk’s gods. It appears to have been rededicated to a gnome god, Nivi ..blah balh

The party returns to the morlocks and reports that the area is clear. The party is requested to go to the vampires and free Eando Kline. They rest the night, and off they go.

Day 178

As the party walks along the shore of the lake they are attacked by four vampires on dire bats. The bats drop their loads off and then try and fly off, however they are all quickly dispatched.

Further along the shore, there is 6 more ulfenans, they attack.on sight, even though the party tries to talk to them. They are also quickly dispatched.

The party makes it way into one of the islets off the shore, they come across an area that looks like the graveyard, when the party enters a mummy rises up from one of the graves and asks them to leave in Azlanti…although the party responds that they are leaving, it and its three friends attack. The party defeats them, but not before abuto is paralysed.

The party finds some magical armour and weapons in the graves. Beyond the graveyard is a island with a large building. Flying in and out of the building are many ulfenans on giant bats. The party decides to leave that area alone for now. Near the entrance to this large islet is a mansion that seems intact. Glinting in the window is a light, when investigated by Kasai, is revealed to be Dancing Lights. The party circumnavigated the building and decides to go through the back door. The back door leads into a small room with a spirilla staircase leading upwards, the party moves through. And into another room, which is empty.

As Abuto moved into the room, checking for traps she paused and listened, detecting party noises in another of the rooms. However, upon entering this room, it was as empty as the other places they’d traversed so far in this place. Still, party noises continued and a bright light shone brightly in the centre of the room.

It was as Abuto closed on this light, she was suddenly struck by a spell and Driders became visible to the other members of the party. They then disappear again. Canzee breaks the invisibility, but they are still on the ceiling and keep lightning bolting the party. Canzee manages to beguile one of the Driders into drinking a potion of inflict serious wounds. They eventually die.

The party rest in the mansion overnight.

Exp. 24,000
Total. 247,044


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