Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.

And what's with the Thief and the Snakes??

Day 1

Having so far an uneventful voyage the passengers of the Jen1vere sit down to dinner one night. A dinner of a fine sea food chowder. Then they wake up on a beach.

Well, Taurus wakes up. The rest of the passengers are scattered around the beach unconcious. Taurus walks over to the nearest, a half elf woman dressed in tight black clothing, and wakes her up. He gets tripped over for his trouble. He goes to the next passeneger and wakes her up, getting slapped in the face for his trouble. He then goes to wake up the friar but that just doesn’t work.

Whilst this is going on 3 creatures (eurypterids or sea scorpions) come out of the water to attack those lying helpless on the beach. The monsters are fought off.

As the passengers are all revived Canzee notices tracks leading away along the beach from where they woke. Off in the distance the mast of a ship can been seen over the headland at an odd angle. Canzee, Mwaree, Friar Bryn, Taurus and Kasai all go to investigate. Oparal stays and has a very frustrating conversation with the Gnome Bard Gelik Aberwhinge.

The party finds what remains of the Jenivere wrecked some 150ft from the shore. After waiting for low tide, Kasai clambers out to it with a rope made of vines and gets attacked by a eurypterid. Once that is put to sleep by Canzee and the rope tied to the ship, the rest the party joins Kasai on the ship, killing the sea scorpion on the way.

They find some equipment and their belongings in the storeroom as well as some food in the larder. There is also the body of the cook whom they figure out had been bitten to death by something like a snake. They also find the body of the First Mate, Alton Dever though his cause of death proves elusive. In the Captain’s cabin they find some potions, some gear including a holy symbol of Nethys, some charts and the Captain’s Log. They spend the rest of the day getting this back to the beach where their camp now is.

With the charts, Oparal is now able to work out where they are, the infamous island, the Smuggler’s Shiv, a place haunted by dead sailors and inhabited by cannibals. Just peachy!

That night, the people on watch are treated to the sight of the seafoam glowing a strange green colour, closer examination reveals humanoid shaped lights moving under the waves.

During the night, Canzee has a weird dream where they are all trying to save the ship by bailing with soup spoons, with the Captain and the Varisian woman laughing at them.

Day 2

The next day, Aerys, Jask and Sasha head west to hunt, Ishirou continues scrounging and building a camp, whilst Aberwhinge goes off and sulks. The party heads east along the shore line. Before they go too far they, or rather Oparal, is attacked by a large venemous snake. Beyond that they are attacked by 3 flying reptiles (identified as Diamorhadons). Oparal makes for the jungle but is tracked by the keen eyed beast and very nearly killed, Friar Bryn is left lying on the ground and most of the others have bites on them. Only one beast is killed though the others are wounded. Canzee’s familiar, the Compy Flick, is the most effective combatant. The party returns to camp.

During the night the camp is attacked by a swarm of bats. Taurus, Gelik and Kasai are on watch but before everyone can be woken, the bats find that they have a fondness for gnome flesh, which sends the unharmed Gelik running for cover. With all their fire spells gone the party resort to using sticks from the fire to see off the nocturnal mammals. Jask and Friar Bryn, who is now carrying around a coconut that he calls “Wilson” and consults constantly, heal everyone before going back to bed.

Day 3

The following day the parties split up pretty much as before, though no attempt is made to change the other castaways’ attitudes. Looking for water the party heads east again then turns south with the intention of finding some high ground. They are again attacked by flying reptiles with a similar result to last time, though they kill two of the creatures and continue on. They are again attcked by yet another pterosaur and discover its nest high up in a tree. Taurus climbs the tree and finds he can hear the sound of running water but cannot tell where it is coming from.

Being on the top of a rise now, the party turns east and heads for the ocean and reach a beach. A short way off there is an old shipwreck which they investgiate, only to be attacked by skeletons. Searching the wreck of the Golden Bow reveals some gold, but nothing else. The party starts heading south again.

They find an abandoned campsite, with the Captain’s hat and scarves from the Varisian scholar who had been on the ship with them. Canzee is able to follow the tracks until they turn inland along a game trail. The party decides to follow.

They soon come to a thicket of red thorns which they go around, crossing a small but full and fast stream with some difficulty. Continuing on they party, or rather Oparal again, gets attacked by a snake, a constrictor this time, which is very nearly the end of Oparal.

Losing the path, the party continues westerly and after avoid a large clearing full of yellowed plants, comes out on the beach of the large bay. Kasai, thinking that the jungle is proving too dangerous, stays close to the water and gets attacked by a giant crab. Further along they come across another camp site that is ruined but in the middle of it stands a humanoid figure. The figure does not respond until the party is much closer when it attacks. The creature proves to be mostly plant like.

Continuing along the party finds yet another abandoned camp, this time identified as formally belonging to the Red Mantis Assasins, as evidenced by their signature weapons (the saw toothed sabre and dagger) scattered around. Upon further searching the party finds a masterwork saw toothed dagger, which is claimed by Mwaree who then gives it to Oparal.

Here is where the party decided to spend the night, only to be attacked by 4 savage humans in the very early morning. The savages are killed but only after doing some damage to the party.

Experience earned: 1036

Unconciousness Tracker
Canzee: 1
Friar Bryn: 2
Kasai: 1
Mwaree: 1
Oparal: 3
Taurus: 1

Tub Thumper...I get knocked down, then I get up again....

Day 4

The party leaves their overnight campsite and continue down the beach towards the west, when they notice an extremely large crab on the beach waving its claws at them menencingly. Canzee works out that the crab is dead, but cannot work out if the crab is undead or mechanical in nature….that is, until the crab squeals. Crabs don’t squeal.

A voice from inside the crab cries out for the party to go away and leave it alone, and accuses them of being cannibals. Canzee attempts to talk the voice into letting the party pass without harm, but as she attempts to pass it on the ocean side the crab swings a claw at her. At that point Kasai and Taurus charge the crab, while Canzee casts sleep unsuccessfully. Kasai and Taurus notice a cloth on the face of the crab inside the claws. Upon entering they are confronted by an enraged Tengu, who calls himself Pezock. Pezock attacks Taurus but misses, a feat that Taurus emulates. Kasai then tries to calm Pezock down, but it seems to have no effect. Pezock and Taurus keep fighting, until Taurus falls down. Meanwhile Canzee and Oparal have run past the crab and called out to the rest of the party that they are clear. Mwaree goes into the crab and grabs the unconsious Taurus and tries to talk to Pezock. Kasai also tries to talk to Pezock. At that point, Pezock throws everyone out, and Kasai attacks him. Pezock attacks back and does a good strike, but Kasai is still on his feet (just). Mwaree calls out to Kasai to stop attacking and just leave Pezock alone. Friar Bryn then puts his head in and asks if Pezock believes. After a very confused Pezock indicates his assent, Friar Bryn does a Woom Woom circle, including Pezock in the effect. The party then leaves, some being dragged along by the others.

A long walk later, the party come to two islands off the point of the main island. Although the first island looks normal, the second island is a strange grey landscape. It is unclear what is causing this from a distance. The party waits until low tide, then crosses the causeways separating the islands. Upon reaching the second island, it is found that it is covered in fungus normally found in the Darklands. It is very strange that such growths exists outside the Darklands. After walking along for a while, the party is attacked by two vegepygmies. The vegepygmies are despatched, with no-one falling down.

A short time alter the party discovers a large rock pillar rising out of the sea. It is connected to the shore line by a ropey bridge of fungus. The party, with the exception of Oparal decide to investigate, and find the ropey fungus leads into (or is it out of) a small cave around the corner of the pillar. In the cave, the party discover a Fiendish Violet Fungus, a battle then ensues. Meanwhile, Oparal is attacked by two vegepygmies. After their first surprise attack, Oparal doesn’t feel so good and starts to retreat across the bridge after crying out. Canzee, hearing her BFF cry out, runs to her side. After interposing herself between Oparal and the vegepygmies, she is hit and goes down. Oparal gives her a potion and they proceed to retreat across the bridge towards the rest of the party. In the cave the party are finding the fungus a particularly tough combatant, especially as their fire-based spalls do not seem to harm it. During the fight Kasai is taken down but the fungus is eventually defeated. The party then emerge from the cave and defeat the two vegpygmies. At the death of the Violet Fungus, the fungus begins to die at a rapid rate. The party, moving at their full rate and Canzee carrying Oparal just make it to the main island before the bridge disintegrates. Very quickly all the fungus on the island also dies off. The party then proceeds to the heights of the island and notice a very well preserved wreck just off the west coast. They decide to rest overnight before investigating. That night the mosquitos are particularly obnoxious, with Friar Bryn getting the worst of it.

Day 5

As the party approach the ship (the Night Voice) they notice that it had been recently covered in fungus, which is now beginning to die off. The fungus has managed to preserve the ship quite well and the party are able to use ropes tying it to the shore to cross safely to the ship. In the ship the party finds the ship’s log, but it is quite moldy and will take a while and a quiet space to decipher. In the hold of the ship the party finds what remains of the ship’s crew, all laid out with their possessions around them, including some magic items (Wand of Mirror Image and Bracers AC +1).

Moving back across to the main island, Oparal has a hard time taking a rope across to allow the rest of the party to cross. She goes unconconcious twice, and the party have very little healing left by the end. She finally gets a rope across and is resting on the beach while the rest of the party are crossing when she hears a noise in the bushes. As she goes to move away, she is attacked by two shocker lizards, and is unconconcious again. The party defeats the shocker lizards and gets Oparal back on her feet.

The party continues to circumnavigate the island. The beach rises to become an escarpment. Following the edge of the cliff they discover a small rocky cove with many rope vines leading down to it. Oparal goes down to the small isolated beach and discovers it littered with empty oyster shells. The party continues on, after a discussion on whether or not to camp here, and the escarpment goes back down to become a beach again. Just along the beach there is another wreck, the Bloodfang. The party think they should investgate this before they rest near it. This is just as well, as it is home to 6 skeletons. This time it is Canzee’s turn to be struck down before the skeletons are dispatched. At this point the party decides to have a well earned rest, though Mwaree has a nightmare involving soup, spoons and snakes biting her tongue. During the night, Taurus sees a bat shaped shadow cross the moon, while Canzee is distracted by a glowing woman beckoning at her from the water. For some reason, obscure to the rest of the party, Taurus then starts refering to himself as Batman. Friar Bryn, however, wakes up looking not to well, and his mosquito bites looking particularly nasty.

Day 6

As the party are now nearing the south west corner of the Island, where the lighthouse is proported to be, a decision is made to try for the island’s high point to see what they can see. The beach they are walking along again rises into an escarpment. They continue along the escarpment for about 4 hours then head inland to climb the hill. Trekking through the jungle, Oparal, who is in front, gets attacked by a monitor lizard (reptiles must really love the taste of elf). The lizard grabs Oparal in its mouth and attempts to run away with its meal. After many blows the lizard succumbs to its wounds, but Oparal is suffering from the poison in the liard’s bite.

Reaching to top of the hill, the party find a large Bunyan tree surrounded by smaller trees. As the party approaches, a dryad emerges from the tree and approaches the party. As Kasai greets her respectfully in Sylvan, she relaxs and introduces herself as Aycenia. She speaks about part of the island becoming tainted. There is the place where the unnatural fungus lies and the trait bought by the Cheliaxian colonists. The party explains to her what they found and defeated on the fungus island, which she thanks them for. She then explains that the Thrunefane Cannibals were originally the crew of a Cheliaxian ship that were shipwrecked here. Whatever taint they bought with them have made them cannibals who prey on other shipwreckees, and have increased the amount of undead on the island. She goes on to explain that there is also a place of ancient magic somewhere on the south east of the island. She has not been there, but her tree knows of it. After further conversation, the party find out that the Thrune Fangs camp is at the base of the very lighthouse they were heading for. The dyrad also indicates that the bat shaped thing flying accross the moon may be a Chupacabra, but odd as they normally do not have wings. The dryad further offers the party the comfort of her grove, and any other assistance she can render in thanks for ridding the island of the tainted fungus. The party then realises that Oparal is still undergoing poison effects, and after a succussful Heal check she is no longer suffering, though seems very clumsy. Friar Bryn is then diagnosed with the disease Red Ache, and after a night’s tender care from Canzee, who he refers to as the hussey, he seems to have got through it, but is weak. Aycenia then offers to heal the damage to Friar Bryn and Oparal, which the party gratefully accepts.

Day 7

The party leaves Aycenia to make its way to the Thrune Fang’s camp. On the way they are again attacked by two shocker lizards, this time with Canzee taking the brunt of the attack. Although she is staggered, she doesn’t fall. The shocker lizards are then dispatched by the rest of the party. After crossing a river, and nearing the camp, the party goes into stealth mode, with Kasai, Taurus and Oparal scouting ahead. Again, Oparal gets attacked by a monitor lizard, this time, it is on a rope, obviously a guard lizard for the camp. After being grabbed in its mouth, she manages to wriggle free. As she is doing this, Kasai and Taurus stealth through the bushes to observe the cannibal village and the rest of the party advances to deal with the guard lizard. A couple of rounds of combat later, in which Oparal and Flick have also now stealthed into the bushes, the village becomes aware of the intruders and the alarm is raised. As a cannibal approachs Friar Bryn, Mwaree and Canzee, Oparal attacks from cover and sneak attacks the cannibal. Alas, this does not do enough damage to take the cannibal down. At the same time, Kasai casts Burning Hands from cover at two cannibals standing before him and Flick bites one. The sneak-attacked cannibal seeks revenge on Oparal taking her into the land of unconciousness again. Taurus has during this time snuck along the forest on the opposite side of the path and remained hidden. Just after the fireworks, the inquisitor attacks from his hiding spot and drops a cannibal with his greatsword.

Now revealed, the halfling gets charged by one of the second wave of cannibals coming from the various buildings of the camp. These reinfocements attack Flick, Kasai and Friar Bryn. The servant of Sarenrae is wounded and the sorcerer staggered by the blows rained upon them. Friar Bryn moves away from the battle, so as not to heal unbelievers, and calls forth the power of his god. With the benevolent power of the Dawnflower in her body, Oparal awakes and not bothering to rise, stabs a cannibal that is engrossed in killing Kasai beside her. The cannibal attacks the rogue who again falls unconcious.

A third wave of cannibals join the fray as the figures of Captain Kovack and the Varisian scholar Iaena are seen disappearing into the forest. The cannibal chieftan Klorak pushes his way forward into the front of the battle, whilst the witch Malikadna appears well to the rear. Mwaree steps up to challenge the red headed barbarian and is shocked by the grave wound which he deals to her from his mighty scimitar. Taurus continues to trade blows with his opponent whilst Friar Bryn returns to the fight casting “Burning Hands”. Staggered, Kasai plays “ring-a-ring-a-rosy” with another cannibal determined to kill the pyromanic gnome who just cast another “Burning Hands” spell as Canzee, now rejoined by Flick who had killed a cannibal, does the same. The resultant searing thins the Thrunefang’s ranks somewhat, but the party is still in danger of being overrun.

Mwaree decides to use her “Smite Evil” ability and finds that whilst she is not doing massive damage to the large cannibal, she is hitting him and wearing him down. The evil eye put on him by Canzee helping the paladin to hit, and to avoid attacks by, the now raging barbarian. However all the party are now wounded, Kasai has run away in fear from the evil witch’s spell and Friar Bryn are in being surrounded by the cannibals whom seem content to leave Mwaree to their chief. The battle hangs in the balance when Taurus lands a killing blow of his opponent which clears the way for Canzee to charge and start witch-on-witch action, as wizened old hag meets young nubile wench, something that disturbs Friar Bryn and Wilson but excites Kasai. Canzee strikes the witch but is struck back in return being drained of life and drops to the ground. The witch’s monkey familiar then dances on Canzee’s body, only to be bitten and poisoned by Flick.

Friar Bryn, careful to try and avoid the bodies of cannibals, calls forth Saranrae’s power. This is enough to bring Canzee and Oparal back to conciousness. Taurus kills another cannibal and moves to flank the chief who has been able to do little against Mwaree who is wearing him down. Canzee heals herself and begins to chase the witch. Friar Bryn is able to kill another barbarian but is still outnumbered though Flick has accounted for the witch’s monkey familiar by biting him again with the poison from the dinosaur’s fangs leaving the mammal with no strength at all. Then, with a mighty swing of his two handed sword, Taurus kills the cannibal chief, allowing Mwaree to pursue the witch who has again brought her sister Canzee to the ground. The paladin is unable to flank or trap the old hag, but is able to finally kill her. Taurus and Friar Bryn are able to account for the remaining few cannibals. a quick search of the Bodies reveals a staff of vampiric Touch and a Scimitar +1.

It is at this point that the party decides that they will rest in the village hall, after having given it a quick search. A recovered Canzee, ably assisted by an intimidating Flick, manages to convince the monkey to divulge the spells of it’s former master, in return for nursing it back to health and not letting Flick eat it.

Experience Points for the session : 2068xp each. Total experience now 3104

Unconciousness Tracker
Canzee: 4/5
Friar Bryn: 0/2
Kasai: 1/2
Mwaree: 0/1
Oparal: 5/8
Taurus: 1/2

Last Man Standing
Tony is a Mean Poo-Poo Head (No I am not!)

Day 8

The party awakes after a night’s sleep in the cannibal’s village and start searching the place. The first structure we come to is a stockade with bones lying in it, we skirt around the outside and through the back of a jungle section to come to the next building, a rude wood hut. Looking into the hut, Kasai finds what is obviously the old witch’s workroom. Kasai and Friar Bryn search the place and find eight potions (six CLW and two Lesser Restoration), three anti-toxins, three tanglefoot bags, two smoke sticks and a thunderstone. There is also lots of unpleasant looking stuff in this room. The next room was even more unpleasant, so unpleasant that Kasai vomits. It was obviously the witch’s bedroom.

The next hut along is a storeroom, full of all sorts of stuff including some very suspicious looking jerky. The party closes the door and moves to the next building, which is attached to the old lighthouse. On the way, they notice a cauldron, which Canzee goes to investigate, while the rest of the party goes into the building. In the building they find two big butcher’s blocks, obviously used to “prepare” humanoids. In the pen beyond the butcher’s room, the party find the next two victims… Gelik Aberwhinge and Ishirou. They are in a bad way, badly dehydrated and concussed. After some water, Ishirou comes round enough to tell the party that they were taken from camp while the other castaways were scavanging. Gelik Aberwhinge doesn’t come round enough to be coherent. The party move the two of them out to the barracks they had spent the previous night in. Canzee, who had looked in the cauldron just long enough to work out that it was human remains, offers to take care of her friends, especially Ishirou, while the rest of the party investigates the old lighthouse, she will keep an ear out for cries of help.

The party goes off to search the lighthouse. On the way they come across a hole in ground. Looking into it, it seems to go down into a cavern, the decision is made to leave it until after the lighthouse. Entering the lighthouse they find evidence that the Captain and the Varisian woman had been staying there. They also find a room set up as a shrine with a figurehead carved to be Asmodeus as the focus of the shrine. They also find a ship’s footlocker with a payroll ledger of a ship called the Thrune’s Fang. After the party has a little discussion they work out that this Chelish ship was probably part of the Chelish fleet that came to Sargava to reclaim it as a colony of Cheliax 70 years ago. The fleet was defeated in a sea battle around that time. Making their way to the top of the tower the party discovers what they think is all the parts of the lighthouse mechanism, but with no knowledge of how such things work are unable to see how to fix it.

The party makes its way back to the barracks where they left Gelik Aberwhinge and Ishirou in Canzee‘s care. They discuss travelling back to the dryad, Aycenia’s grove where Gelik Aberwhinge and Ishirou would be safe while they explore some the underground area. Ishirou would like his gear back before they go. The party goes into the store room where they find both Gelik Aberwhinge and Ishirou’s gear. They find no evidence of the other castaways.

On the way up to Aycenia’s grove, the party sees a lightning strike to the East and hears thunder, even though the sky is clear. Friar Bryn thinks (though Wilson is positive) that the lighning was actually going from the ground to the sky. When they get to Aycenia, she is happy to look after their two companions while the party explores the cavern. The party returns to the village to rest up before descending underground.

Day 9

Next day the party prepares to go down into the pit. There are vines coiled at the top of the pit which allow for descent when lowered. Oparal offers to go first. She decends into the pit to find it splattered with blood, both old and new, and scattered with bones and other stuff. There is a five foot wide tunnel leading off, Oparal investigates the mouth of the tunnel as the rest of the party descend into the cavern. When the party is together gain, Oparal and Kasai sneak off down the tunnel. Although Kasai sneaks along, Oparal doesn’t do so well and is attacked by two undead creatures as she enters the next chamber. She is hit and the creature trips her. The rest of the party, knowing she is hit due to Canzee’s ward hex now failing. They rush forward to her assistance and battle with the two Festrogs is on. The two creatures are really nasty as their bites seem to heal them and they spray nasty stuff when they are hit with an edged weapon, eventually they are dispatched, and with nobody going unconcious.

During the search of the cavern, Canzee finds a piece of leather with writing in blood on it. It is from the Captain. It reads:

“I am Captain Alexandru Kartock, betrayer of my crew and destroyer of the good ship, Jenivere. Hell would be a welcome escape from what hideous unlife looms before me, but it is no less a punishment than I deserve. That I was enslaved to a serpentine demon who wore a Varisian’s skin does not pardon me. It is my weakness that led the Jenivere, her crew and her passengers to their doom. That Ieana has abandoned me here is nothing more than the fate I deserve. I do not beg for forgiveness, but I despair that she lives still, and that she seeks something dire on this forsaken isle – she seemed particularly interested in Red Mountain. If you read this and you be a kind soul, seek out what I have become and destroy me, and then seek out Ieana and slay her as well. And to those whose lives I have helped destroy, I can only apologise from this, my dark cradle and darker grave”

At one end of the cavern, there is a lot of bones. They are of varying ages and a lot of them show some sort of deformities.

There is one exit from the cavern directly opposite where the party entered. Again Kasai and Oparal sneak ahead, though this time it is Kasai who is attacked when they exit into the next chamber. The creature who attacked him is sliced, bashed and burnt before it retreats into another tunnel. The tunnel it retreats into is one of two right-hand tunnels that are only accessible by swimming through a large pond that covers most of this chamber. There are two other tunnels whose entrances are on the ledge the party is standing on at the exit to the tunnel they are in. The party elects to take the tunnel first to the left along the ledge.

This leads into a large snake-motifed temple, much to Oparal‘s dismay. To the party’s right there is a large mound of corpses, both old and new, built to resemble a coiled snake, to the left there are four columns that look like large snakes, and just at the edge of Kasai‘s darkvision is a door set into the mouth of a very large snake head. As the party approachs the snake head two more lacedons attack, one attacks which Mwaree recognised as Captain Kartock, and is quickly struck down, the other attacks Oparal and between her, Taurus and a well aimed healing spell from Canzee, it is dispatched as well. As the party continues towards the door, and Canzee searches the Captain body, three more lacedons enter from the tunnel the party entered into the room from. One is quicky dispatched through a combination of sonic damage from Canzee and a woom woom circle from Mwaree, but the other two attack Friar Bryn and Taurus, albeit unsuccessfully. Mind you they are also missed in their turn. As the party is distracted by the lacedons, another enters and the party suffers an ow ow circle from the lacedon cleric. Canzee, hoping to be backed up, goes into hand-to-hand with the cleric. Mwaree does a woom woom circle, doing damage to the creatures. Friar Bryn is hit, and succumbing to the touch of the claws turns as stiff as a plank, also unconcious. Taurus is missed, and Canzee, following Friar Bryn’s example is hit by the claws of the cleric and goes unconsious, but is standing very still. Mwaree woom woom’s the party, just as the undead cleric casts darkness. Kasai manages to avenge Friar Bryn by casting Burning Hands at the one threatening him and dispatching it. The other lacedon plays with Oparal and Taurus before finally being dispatched. Mwaree attacks the cleric, but is hit, and true to party form, is unconcious but standing stock still. The party then attacks the cleric, who replies with another ow ow circle taking Canzee down again. Friar Bryn does another woom woom circle, and Canzee is up again. Another ow ow circle from the evil cleric and everyone but Kasai and Taurus are down. Taurus bravely continues to attack the cleric, but is affected by the touch to the claws, standing still. Kasai makes a no-win choice and casts Burning Hands straight through Taurus, bringing him to unconciousness, but finally killing the cleric. Kasai looks around and realises that he is the only one standing. He searches the cleric’s body, coming up with an amulet and a ring (Amulet of Natural Armour +1, and a Ring of Swimming).

After getting Canzee back up, she is able to get Friar Bryn up and then Mwaree is bought back up and between the three of them they get the party pretty healthy, but are out of healing at the end of it. The party decides to rest, but have to investigate the door before they can rest easy in this room. The door has had a Glyph of Warding on it recently, but it has been set off. It leads to a small room which is obviously the inner sanctum of the temple. It is full of carvings of serpentfolk doing great acts of magic. One of the carvings has been recently cleaned and the writing refreshed. The carving is of a magical circle of four standing stones causing lighning to come from a small pyramid in the centre of them. The writing, which is in Alko, which Kasai can read, reads:

“To Command the Very Tides to Rise Up
and Eschew What Lies Below

Empower the Four Sentinel Runes
With the Blood of a
Thinking Creature Tempered
by the Kiss of a Serpent’s Tounge

Anoint the Tide Stone with
Waters bought from the Sea
in a Vessel of Purest Metal

Invoke the Lord’s Sacred Name to
Wrap his Coils around the Sea itself
that he Might Lay Bare
What Lies Below and
Cast Down Your Enemies
on the Waves above"

Day 10

The next day the party starts to investigate the rest of the caverns. Going to the cavern to the left is empty, with the exception of carvings on the walls reading “All glory to great Ydersius”. This joins to another room that is strewn with bones. Kasai and Oparal scout on ahead and find a large sea cave with a ledge and a beach below it. The next cavern is obviously the lacedons’ nest. Caverns are all investigated and the party leaves.

The party then starts to make their way back up to Aycenia’s grove. On their way up the hill, the party is attacked by six barbarians. As three of them succumb to a sleep spell cast by Canzee, the other three are handily despatched by Mwaree, Oparal and Taurus, and the three sleeping ones are coup de graced by , Canzee, Friar Bryn and Wilson.

The party makes it back to Aycenia‘s grove with no further incidents. They get back to find Gelik Aberwhinge and Ishirou looking a lot better. Gelik Aberwhinge is sitting down composing what looks like a comedy skit. Ishirou is wanting to go back and find out what has happned to the rest of the castaways. Kasai sits down next to Gelik Aberwhinge and starts telling him the story of what the party has been doing. When Kasai tells him about the ship, the Night Voice, he becomes quite excited. Apparently, Gelik Aberwhinge is a Pathfinder, though for some reason is out of favour. To get back into the Pathfinder’s favour he wished to find out what happened to the Night Voice. Kasai and Oparal show Gelik Aberwhinge the journal they had found, and between the three of them they work out that it speaks about what had happened. The Night Voice was transporting a “Blasphamous Pod” sourced from the Darklands. When the Captain noticed that the Voilet Fungus was starting to affect the crew, he put the pod on the rock spire where he hoped no-one could reach it and deliberately ran the ship aground.

Gelik Aberwhinge seems to take a shine to his fellow gnome, and offers to teach Kasai some of the secrets of storytelling. Kasai asks Gelik Aberwhinge to come with the party to continue exploring, Gelik Aberwhinge seems very ambivalent about the idea.

After a while of the party catching the other three up with what they have found it is decided that the next day everyone, with the exception of Aycenia, will go back to the original camp, but via the Red Mountain and a place of buried treasure that Ishirou had heard about from an old soldier.

Friar Bryn and Oparal are still feeling unwell from the diseases they had recieved from the lacedons. After some tender loving care from Canzee, they feel a lot better.

That night Oparal has a nightmare about being rowed by the dead First Mate of the Jenieve to a isle full of snakes.

Day 11

Next day we leave the safety of Aycenia’s grove to travel to Red Mountain. While walking down the path, a winged Chupacabra attacks, you guessed it, Oparal, and grabs her in its claws. After being hit pretty hard by both Mwaree and Taurus, the Chupacabra sucks some blood from Oparal, then drops her and flys away. Oparal then runs after the Chupacabra while Canzee hexs it with an Evil Eye. The Chupacabra attacks Oparal again, bringing her to unconciousness from both claw and bite. Friar Bryn fire bolts the Chupacabra, and in return it flys in and attacks him. The party heals up while continuing to shoot at the Chupacabra, after taking more damage, the Chupacabra flys away.

The party continues down the hill and finds the standing stones at the base of Red Mountain. The runes upon them seemed to have been recently blooded.

Experience Points for the session : 1300xp each. Total experience now 4404

Unconciousness Tracker
Canzee: 3/8
Friar Bryn: 2/4
Kasai: 0/2
Mwaree: 2/3
Oparal: 2/10
Taurus: 1/3

Enough Rope
Tony is a Super Poo-poo Head - but not yet galactic Super poo poo head

Day 12

After a good night’s rest near the standing stones, the party decides to activate the stones using the instructions found in the caves under the lighthouse. So they use a cooking pot to get some sea water, and Mwaree and Canzee find a snake and stuff it in a sack, keeping it well away from Oparal.

The runes on the stones are annoited with Canzee’s blood, which is then kissed by the snake. The cooking pot of seawater is then poured over the pyramid-like stone in the centre of the circle. After some experimentation with tone of voice and stance, the name Ydersius is shouted to the sky and the stones activate. Lightning arcs up from all four stones and joins together to form one large column of lightning reaching up into the sky, the party feels a rumble from beneath their feet, and looking over the edge of the cliff they are standing on, notice that the sea has retreated leaving the sea-floor exposed. Across from the party we notice another small cliff, previously covered by the water, there is an open door. On the sea floor between the party and the door, there is a sunken wreck.

There are some rickety rope bridges leading down the cliff face and over some remaining seawater. The party sucessfully makes their way down the cliff and onto the exposed sea floor. There are still some channels of seawater to cross. Mwaree and Oparal successfully cross the first channel, but as Kasai is crossing he is attacked by a shark. After biting Kasai and the party hitting it back, it retreats into deeper water. Everyone but Canzee makes it across the channel before the shark comes back. The shark again attacks Kasai (he must taste nice), and then takes some damage from the party, he then turns and attacks Canzee before attempting to retreat. A lot of attacks of opportunity rain down, with Taurus landing the killing blow.

The party then cross to the wreck, the Salty Strumpet, with Oparal, Taurus, Kasai and Flick going in through the top hatch into the bowels of the ship, while the rest of the party remain on the sand. The ship party move through the first room into a room that was probably the Captain’s cabin, as Kasai has detected magic in that direction. They are confronted by a strange small blue creature calling himself Captain Ekbut who wants to know who they are and who gave them permission to come aboard his ship. Taurus intimidates the Captain into swimming away, and the party moves back to the first room to search for the hatch leading downwards as the magic is underneath the deck they are on. They do not find a hatch so move back into the Captain’s cabin where they sucessfully find a hatch….with the Captain sitting on it looking most unhappy. As the party notice him, he spits acid all over them, and the fight starts. First thing Flick does is run away from the scene of the fight, warning the shore party what is happening. As the fight inside heats up, Mwaree tries to make it onto the ship, but repeatedly falls into the water. Oparal, finding herself staggering from damage, leaves the room to find Canzee, who has come across to pick up a frightened Flick. Oparal receieves some healing and is back into the fray. Mwaree finally makes it across, after leaving her shield with Friar Bryn, and the fight goes quickly downhill for the Water Mephit. While the rest of the party is healing after the fight, Kasai opens the hatch that the Mephit was sitting on, and can see the magic 20ft away, though through a water filled hull. He decides, in his eagerness to swim for the magic, but gets into difficulties. He emerges from the hatch coughing and sputtering. After some discussion, Flick, who is a surprising good swimmer, is sent down, and with Canzee’s guidance, retrieves the magical rope. No-one can work out what it quite does.

After leaving the ship, the party notices a large urchin in the centre of the next channel. It is decided that instead of playing with the unknown urchin, the party will leap from the bow of the ship to the strand of land about 10 feet away. All goes well until Gelik Aberwhinge, refusing to be tossed, lands in the water. The urchin immediately throws two spines at him, hitting him with both. Gelik Aberwhinge goes down like a sack of poo and is retrieved by the party, with no spines hitting them. Mwaree then leaps from the ship, also landing in the water, and getting hit by spines from the urchin. Though she stays conscious. The remainder of the party jump successfully.

The party enters the open stone doors, and up a long set of wet stairs into a large room with some alcoves and a bridge across the breadth of the room about 40 foot up and another door at the opposite end of the room. The stairs and room walls are carved in a style the party cannot recognise, though it is on the edge of familiar for some. As Mwaree and Oparal enter the large room, they are attacked by javelins from above, with Oparal falling unconscious and being dragged under the bridge where the serpentfolk skeletons cannot target them. Slowly but surely the party joins them. Much fun with rope ensures, with Friar Bryn climbing on top of Oparal (who has been healed) to try and get high enough to hurt them with a woom woom circle. Canzee tries to use the magical rope and gets herself totally entangled. Taurus creates a lasoo and lasoos one of the skeletons, only to be lifted 15 foot in the air and then droppped. Oparal and Mwaree throw a rope over the bridge, grab an end each and start running to try and trip the skeletons, only to manage to make Mwaree fall down instead. A now disentangled Canzee grabs the rope that Taurus had released into the wild, and also gets hauled into the air, with Friar Bryn and then Kasai joining the rope conga line. With the combined weight of the party members on the rope the skeleton is forced to join the fun on the floor, disintegrating on impact. Friar Bryn is embarrased to find himself on top of Canzee and rolls off as fast as possible. Meanwhile Mwaree and Oparal finally manage to get the other skeleton entangled in their rope and after a bit of clever rope throwing, and help from Kasai pull it off the bridge, where it is dispatched by Canzee’s healing touch.

Through the open door at the top of the room, the party goes…to find a set of stairs leading up to the right and left of the door. Going to the right and around a landing they find a room at the top of the stairs covered in writing, which Canzee recognises as Azlanti. The writing tells of a lost city called Savanthe-Yi (David spelling unsure of). This is thought to be worth alot to scholars & people interested in this place but it will take days to transcribe & make rubbings of.(Sandra: someone else will have to write this in…I missed this David I have filled in some not sure what else is missing). Moving on through one of the three doors in the room, they find a corridor full of alcoves, emptying into a room with four further skeletons, these are quickly dispatched with no-one falling down. They go out of the second door in the room to find another corridor of alcoves that leads them back to the scriptorium. The reason for the alcoves is unclear. The party decides to rest the night in this room, with Gelik Aberwhinge and Ishirou joining them.

In the middle of the night, the party is attacked by two small constructs that look like dolls made from bones. Kasai works out that these type of constructs are sometimes powered by trapped souls. They are dispatched, but not before doing a lot a damage to Mwaree and Taurus and Friar Bryn. Friar Bryn decides he better make sure they are dead by bashing one of them again with his morning star. This causes a gem inside to shatter & sends a pulse of magic through him resulting in him being brought down to unconsciousness. Oparal manages to come through this fight without falling down. Later that evening the party hears the whoosh and rumble of the water returning. It is estimated to take 6 hours.

Day 13

After a little healing the party sets off again, this time through the third door in the room, which they know leads to the bridge above the first room. They cross the bridge to the door on the other side, which leads to a short corridor. Despite searching for traps along the corridor, Oparal falls into a pit trap about half way down. The trap is about 30 feet deep, 10 feet wide and about 15 feet long. Within the pit there are two fissures. Oparal looks down the one closest to her, only to be attacked by the Gibbering Mouther emerging from it. It grabs Oparal then swallows her, causing her to become unconscious from the stomach acid. Mwaree then drops a rope and goes down into the pit to help, but both her and Taurus are confused for a while from the gibbering and don’t achieve very much. After the confusion departs, Taurus also scales the rope then he and Mwaree do battle with the Mouther. After a frustrating battle of spitting, biting and grabbing the Gibbering Mouther finally dies, allowing the party to extract Oparal from the remains. After a very short day, the party decide to go back to the room where they have left Gelik Aberwhinge and Ishirou, who have started to transcribe & make rubbings, some of the party decide to help them copy the translations of the wall writing for the remainder of the day and all then rest.

Day 14

The next morning the party goes back to exploring, this time going down the stairs and up the other stairs….this time with the rogue-on-a-rope, which is just as well as Oparal finds yet another pit trap the hard way, but is saved by the rope. As they will have to cross one of the pit traps to get to where they are going, the party decides to go back to the previous one as it has been cleansed of monsters hopefully. After Friar Bryn falls into the hole trying to jump across, Oparal makes it and sets up a rope for everyone else to get across and for Friar Bryn to climb out. Back to rogue-on-a-rope. Around the corner there is yet another pit trap, which again Oparal finds the hard way…though this time she takes Friar Bryn, Mwaree and Taurus with her and they are dragged in by the rope. As the party emerges from the pit trap they find a room with a large bath of blood in the centre of it. The bath glows with necromatic magic to Kasai’s sight. He and Oparal step past the bath to examine the door at the other end of the room. They open the door with no difficulty, but as Kasai steps through to the short corridor beyond two bronze doors slam shut, trapping the rest of the party in the blood bath room. Swinging blades start to cris-cross the room. Taurus and Flick crawl into the small alcoves to get away from the blades while the rest of the party tries to dodge the blades swinging through the room, with occasional hits. Meanwhile Kasai is trying desperately to find a way to reopen the door but after a few rounds the blades stop swinging and the doors open for some unknown reason.

The party opens the door in the short corridor to find what is an obviously evil temple shaped like a flattened platapus with a shrine containing a statue of a bat armed woman and an altar in its nose and a river of blood falls from the altar down a channel through the room to go out through a barred exit at the base of the room. In the temple are four skeletons and a serpentfolk, who we assume is Iaena. Three of the skeletons are dispatched by the party while Iaena stands dazed by a spell from Canzee. The battle erupts with lots of woom woom and oww oww circles happening, party memebers going down and then getting back up again. Iaena slowly works her way to the statue, and when she touches it, starts to turn gaseous. The party are unable to vanquish her and she flees straight upward as soon as she is gaseous. Kasai then touches the statue, but nothing happens. Oparal notices that the statue has blood on it, so cuts her hand, touches the statue and begins to turn gaseous. The rest of the party does likewise to follow.

The party goes into a crack in the ceiling and into a cross shaped room where they find Areys Mavato standing over a very dead looking Iaena. After some waving hello from the more naive members of the party, Mwaree works out that the evil is coming from Areys Mavato, and that the dead Iaena is most likely an illusion. She starts to turn solid, pointing straight at the girl. This is the signal that Kasai and Taurus have been waiting for and they attack. It is a very tough fight, but eventually the party prevails, helped by a humble tanglefoot bag thrown by clever Kasai!

On searching this room the party finds some notes which outline the location of the famous lost city of Savath Yi. The party also finds a potion of water-breathing, a ring of mind shielding, an unholy symbol of Ydersius, a waterproof scroll tube ( worth 250gp), nine scrolls (two Augury, two CMW, two Lesser Restoration, Comprehend Languages, Find Traps, Remove Disease) and 18pp. Further searching finds a panel, behind which is hidden one magical card (part of a deck of illusions), a candle of truth, incense of meditation and two scrolls (divination and restoration).

Also in the room is a carving of the bat armed woman. The party again touch it with blood on their hands and are turned gaseous for the return trip down to the temple. Remaining gaseous the party investigates the room’s exit, and finds that the channel leads down to a huge underground lake. Remaining in gaseous form, the party drifts across all the pit traps and returns to the scriptorium to reform back to their solid selves. After finishing making rubbings etc they find their way to the tide stone. Some brief discussion is held & it is decided that Canzee should make use of some of the scrolls by feeding them to Flick so he can add them to her repertoire of spells & giving the comprehend languages scroll to Kasai to add to his spell book at a later time.

Experience for the night: 1,480
Total experience: 5,884

Unconciousness Tracker
Canzee: 1/9
Friar Bryn: 1/5
Kasai: 1/3
Mwaree: 1/4
Oparal: 3/13
Taurus: 2/5

Lying down on the Job
And Tony made it to Galactic Poo-poo head

Day 15

The party starts out to find Ishirou‘s buried treasure. On the way we find a long abandoned hut with a crudely carved pentagram on one wall. Due to the contentious nature of the graffiti, the party leaves the hut burning behind them. Before too long the party makes it to the hill potentially shown on Ishirou’s incomplete map. As the sun rising between two spires of rock is meant to show where the treasure is buried, the party rests and gets up early for the sunrise.

Day 16

At sunrise the party works out where the treasure is supposely buried, but with no digging tools, it takes all day to reveal a panel of wood right across the hole. The panel has a dwarven skeleton lying on it. Investigation reveals that the dwarf did not die of natural causes, but looked like he was literally stabbed in the back. The platform seems to be made of thick wood, and with no axe the party finds getting through it slow going. The most effective method being Canzee using her falchion and her spark spell in conjunction with each other.

Day 17

Next day Canzee continues to work on the platform, only to have it suddenly collapse. Luckily, the party had their witch on a wire (rope), and she does not fall. Revealed by the falling platform is a 40ft pit with water of an unknown depth at the bottom. After using rope with a rock at the bottom to sound the water, it is discovered to be about 10ft deep, but incrediably murky. During the discussions as to who should investigate the pit, Oparal gets bored and dives in, only to find two lacedons waiting for her in the water. After a full attack she calls for a rope urgently. Canzee who has been still hanging in the pit, asks to be lowered down at speed to help her friend. By the time she gets down the bottom of the pit, Oparal is unconcious. While this is occuring, Kasai has been slinging spells at the lacedons and kills one. Canzee throws a healing spell on Oparal and grabs onto her, yelling to be hauled up. The rest of the party hauls mightly and they emerge from the pit.

After further discussion, Kasai offers to be a lure for the second lacedon, and is lowered towards the water. After some stirring of the water, including magic, it isn’t until Kasai finally sticks his toe in the water that the lacedon attacks, paralysing him, and getting a spell from Canzee which dispatches the creature. The party makes an assumption that there were only two lacedons and Kasai again volunteers for some underwater exploration, using the potion of water-breathing the party had found earlier. He finds a large tunnel leading to a small chamber with a large locked sea-chest. He wraps the rope around the chest, and the party heaves and hauls the very heavy sea chest out.

Day 18

Oparal spends the day communing with the very complex lock before finally opening it, the chest is full of coins and other treasure.

Day 19

The party makes its way back to the campsite, only to find it deserted.

Day 20

After setting up & lighting a fire in hope the others may be close & see it, the rest of the castaways, Areys Mavato, Jask, and Sasha, return to the camp. The party has a long talk about what they have been up to, and that they are planning on using the lighthouse to try and signal a ship to get off the island. There is other things the remainder of the castaways would like to do before they leave but by themselves have een unable to. Sasha would like a Diamorphadon pet, Areys Mavato would like to collect a rare berry which will help her with her problem with the demon drink, and Jask would like to find the wreck of the Brine Demon, who’s captain set him up. He hopes to find evidence of the set-up. In their travels the party has found all of these things, so it is decided to go back to the lighthouse via the Diamorphodon nest, then the thorn patch (which grow the berries) and the wreck of the Brine Demon, they then cross the island to see if Pezock wishes to leave. The much expanded party leave straight away and collect the egg and berries without incident. Very late in the afternoon the party finds the wreck of the Brine Demon, but decide to leave the exploration till the next morning. That night Mwaree, Canzee and Sasha are on watch when they notice a ghost walking along the shore. The ghost appears to be a sea captain and is bemoaning the loss of Aeshamara. Canzee wakes up Ishirou, thinking he might know who or what Aeshamara is, but he just swears at her in a strange language and goes back to sleep.

Day 21

Next day the party investigates the wreck of the Brine Demon. In the captain’s cabin the party finds a body clutching a casket which has been removed from what is obviously a secret alcove. Upon picking the lock, the party finds a dagger and a locket, containing the picture of a half-elf woman and bearing the inscription Aeshamara. In the desk, Jask finds a bundle of papers, which he takes to looking over. We then bury the Captain’s body and camp, with each watch holding the locket. The captain’s ghost appears to Kasai, Taurus and Gelik Aberwhinge and when presented with the open locket, touches it and then fades from view.

Day 22

We head across the island, through the jungle towards the Red Mantis Assassins’ camp. Although she has admitted to Canzee being in the order as her mother was a Red Mantis, but leaving the order Sasha is curious as to what happened there. When we get there, we don’t seem to have any further information than our first guess that they were attacked by the Cannibals. Next visit is Pezock, who we notice is carrying a sword and dagger in Red Mantis style. When asked where he got them from he makes up a patently crazy story about them being a gift. He doesn’t wish to leave the island, and seems content, though insane, so the party leaves him and moves on to visit Aycenia, the dryad. When asked she tells us that the taint over the island seems to have lessened. The party spends one last night in the grove.

Day 23 to Day 28

The party gets to the lighthouse, and after 6 days work have repaired it.

Day 29 to Day 38

Light goes round and round, but no ships come although there was a distant sighting of one.

Day 39

We are finally rescued by the crew of a whaling ship, the Red Gull.

Day 40 to Day 48

Sailing to Eledar

Day 49

And after a slight side-trek to Smuggler’s Shiv, the party finally makes it to Eledar, and the first thing they do is ……….. split up the treasure and go shopping.

Day 50

The party takes a well-earned rest

Day 51

The party is visited by all their fellow castaways, all with an offer to join an expedition to Saventh-Yhi by different factions.

Ishirou comes with an offer from the Apis Consortium. The party is offered all expedition costs and 500gp each.

Areys Mavato represents the Free Captains of the Shackles and their offer is a ship and crew for use to travel around “these Uncivilised Lands”, which does not endear them to the natives, Canzee and Mwaree.

Gelik Aberwhinge wanders in with an offer from the Pathfinder Society. They will supply the party with a Wayfarer each as well as the chance of gaining field commissions within the Society.

Sasha represents the Red Mantis Assassins. Their funding is dependent on beating the Free Captains, and they also offer 500gp each worth of poisons and drugs from their stores, much to Mwaree dismay.

Finally, Jask arrives bearing an offer of titles and land from the Sargavan Government, contingent on the fact that the party will be the first to set up an outpost at Saventh-Yhi. The Expedition would be fully funded and lead by a General in the Sargavan Guard.

After serious discussions the party decide to go with the Pathfinder Society’s offer. Gelik Aberwhinge is organising for the expedition to leave in 5 days and requests the party collect the guide, who has been contacted to help us. The guide, Nkechi, also known as Tempest, is a local druid and the party is to go upriver to collect him. The party is warned that he likes to “test” people.

Day 52

The party are walking down to the docks to hire a boat to take them to Tempest’s abode, when suddenly a crowd of people run towards them screaming. Both Mwaree and Canzee are knocked to the ground. From the direction of the crowd the party hears growling and notice 6 dogs trying to bite people, who are running away….a sensible reaction, which of course means the party runs straight at them. After a brief combat the doggies are defeated, but not before Mwaree is bitten. The party then notice two men with torches firing houses in the street. After a short exchange of alchemist fire and fire magic, the two gentlemen run off, leaving the party to quench any fires they can see.

When walking past the Pathfinder Society warehouse the party notice it is fire damaged and go in to see what happened. They find out that Gelik Aberwhinge has been taken hostage by a group calling itself the Freeman Brotherhood, a group of fanatical anti-slavery fighters who demand the abolition of all slavery and the expulsion of all foreigners. They have taken over a whaling station at the end of the docks. The party goes there to see if they can retrieve Gelik Aberwhinge, only to find him held at knife-point by a tall, fanatical-looking gentleman on the roof of the main building.

The party try the front door, but notice through some small windows at the side that it is barred. Flick goes in to try and lift the bar sneakily, but trips over his own feet and is shot at from the interior of the building. He flees back outside into Canzee’s arms. The party decides that it is easier to just go up and over the entry building. Oparal goes first and notices the layout of the area, including a large whale carcass and a man hiding on the roof across from her. The party gets most of the party onto the roof before they are noticed, with Kasai and Mwaree still on the ground.

At this point the party gets absolutely mobbed. At one point every person in the party are lying down, most unconcious, Friar Bryn having been knocked down and Canzee lying on the roof to avoid arrows. After a very tough fight, with Flick running around keeping the party alive, the last bad guy is finally dispatched by a well aimed blow from Wilson. However, it is all to no avail as Gelik Aberwhinge is found with his throat cut. A very hurt and solemn party take Gelik Aberwhinge back to the Pathfinder Society who reluctantly agree to raise him.

Exp: 2233
Total Exp: 8117

Unconciousness Tracker
Canzee: 0/9
Friar Bryn: 1/6
Kasai: 2/5
Mwaree: 1/5
Oparal: 2/15
Taurus: 2/7

Boat!! ship!! boat!

Day 54

After resting up overnight from the very busy day the previous day, the party goes down to the harbour and gets on a boat (not ship) to take the party along the coast to pick up Tempest. Tempest lives in a cave on a set of sea caves with a shelf of shallow water at the base. The boat drops the party off at the edge of the rock shelf, and the party starts to walk. This, however, quickly becomes problematic as the waves start to wash people away. The first wave knocks both Oparal and Canzee off their feet. Canzee is grabbed by her older sister, Mwaree, but Oparal starts to be swept away. Next wave both Friar Bryn and Taurus also get knocked down. Eventually after much coconuts being thrown and Flick being a rope courier, the party makes it to shore.

At the shore, the party finds a path up the cliff and start to climb. About half way up, there is a conch shell on a post. When the shell is blown, Tempest comes out of the cave and wants to know what we want. After a bit of chit-chat he asks the party to complete two challenges before he will contemplate guiding us.

The first challenge is to retrieve a black pearl from the oyster beds around the headland to the North. The party (with the exception of Kasai, who has suddenly developed a fear of water) makes their way back along the cliff face with the use of rope and pitons to avoid being swept away. It doesn’t, however, stop two large crabs from attacking. The crabs wade into battle. They are eventually dispatched, after both Mwaree and Oparal have been grabbed and dragged away.

As the party rounds the headland it finds a village in the bay. The village headman comes out to greet the party, and the party negotiates the use of pearling gear and a boat in exchange for any non-black pearls they find, and the bodies of the two large crabs. They are served for dinner, feeding the whole village.

Day 55

Next day, Taurus goes pearl diving. After two dives he notices a beautiful woman in the water who appears to be drowning. Being an adventurer and therefore innately suspicious, he comes to the surface to tell the rest of the party, who work out it is a Kelpie. Taurus decides to continue diving, but to just ignore the Kelpie. It turns out she doesn’t like that very much and attacks him. Flick, who has been Taurus‘s dive buddy warns the rest of the party and then goes to Taurus’s rescue. After much wild swinging and rope pulling, with Taurus going unconscious halfway through, the Kelpie is finally dispatched. The party patches up Taurus and eventually get their black pearl.

Day 56

The party returns to Tempest, and picks up Kasai on the way through. The second challenge is to collect a feather from the storm bird, about a day’s travel away.

Day 57

The party comes to a promontory with a large nest at the top. On climbing up the very steep slope the party find a very large nest containing 5 eggs. As we are only interested in a feather, Kasai casts unseen servant and sends it to the nest to pick up the feather he noticed when he peeked into the nest. The party notices a speck in the distance getting larger very quickly, as the storm bird comes in at speed. As the party had got the feather they needed, they allowed themselves to be “driven” away.

At the bottom of the hill they come across some tribesmen who accuse the party of harming the sacred bird. After being calmed down by a very persuasive Mwaree, they send a runner up the hill to check on our story. When the runner returns with the facts, they let us go unharmed.

Day 58

The party travels back to Tempest, and hands him the storm bird’s feather. Tempest then uses the Storm Bird’s feather and the Black Pearl for a ritual to undergo a vision quest to contact Gozreh. As we enter the vision, Taurus fights against it and drops out of the vision, though feels very unwell from the smoke in the cave. The rest of the party turn into different animals within the vision:

Canzee: Buffalo
Friar Bryn: Goat
Kasai: Hippo
Mwaree: Lizard
Oparal: Dinosaur
Tempest: Crab

While we are in the vision world we are attacked by a really big snake. After much head-butting, goring and biting the snake is defeated. The vision quest ends and we come back to our bodies in the cave. Tempest looks visibly shaken and upset, as the snake has intruded on his God’s world. He insists on coming with us.

Day 59

The party and Tempest (who wishes to be called by his real name, Nkechi) travel back to Eledar. That afternoon we have a council at the Pathfinder Society’s headquarters. The decision is made that the party and tempest (with some porters), will trail break for the rest of the expedition, which will follow at a slower pace.

Day 60

And we are off….

Nkechi suggests that the party heads across the plains towards the Bantu Hills. He thinks that some time could be saved by using some of the salt mines that go through the hills to go through, not over them.

Day 61-65


Day 66

As the party travels across the plains with the Bantu Hills in the distance, they notice they are being followed. Taurus decides to hide at the side of the trail while the rest of the party travels on. He does not notice anything following them, that is, until there is a girl and dinosaur at either side of him. In very broken common she asks him to leave, and when he goes to leave in the opposite direction to where she is pointing, she gets very agitated. Taurus intimidates her and she steps away, but seeing his mistress frightened, the dinosaur attacks. Taurus goes unconscious and Canzee, who speaks the native tongue, is able to calm the girl down and find out what she wants, although she is distracted by Flick announcing to the other dinosaur that he, Flick, is a T-rex in a loud and proud tone. After promising that they are not their to hunt on her range, she is quite friendly, though becomes very frightened when the party speaks of going through the old salt mines. Her story is coaxed out of her and she tells the party (well, the ones who speak Polygot, who translate for the others), that ‘evil spirits’ came from the mine and killed her entire family and village. She does accompany us to the mining camp (her village), but will not go in. After some investigation, Oparal finds a moldy old mining log mentioning that the mining owner had tunneled through to an old abandoned mine, where he had found a ‘blue orb’. Later, the mining camp was attacked by some sort of wight.

The party decides that they will take no non-combatants into the mine and leaves the porters and the girl in a camp about half an hour from the mine’s entrance.

Day 67

Next morning the party enters the mine. After some travel we come to a large lake. Oparal walks up to the lake seeking to find a path around it, and it attacked by a crystal ooze from the water. The ooze is eventually defeated, but not before Oparal is paralyzed.

Further into the mine, the party comes to an alcove with an abandoned campsite, with a donkey skeleton for a bit of ambiance. While the rest of the party is searching the campsite, Mwaree’s beeper goes off, indicating evil approaching the party from the water.. Three wights emerge from the water, and after a fight, in which Oparal goes unconscious, the wights are defeated.

As they are only about an hour into the mine, the party decide to go to the outside base camp to rest.

XP: 1,366, total XP: 9,483

Unconsciousness Tracker (this session/total)
Canzee: 0/9
Friar Bryn: 0/6
Kasai: 0/5
Mwaree: 0/5
Oparal: 2/17
Taurus: 1/8

And don't trust little girls....
but big ones are OK

Day 68

The next morning the party examines the contents of the chest that they had retrieved from the mine.It contains 500gp and a scroll case containing a deed to the mine. There is also a will leaving the mine and its contents to Athyra Crinhouse, which the party works out is the young girl with the dinosaur. Kasai asks her if she wants or needs the money, which she says she does not – no use in the wilderness, Mwaree is not pleased with his questioning as she feels he is attempting to swindle Athyra. The party then re-enter the mine to continue clearing it out.

After we travel a way past the areas we had already cleared, most of the party can hear a tapping noise coming from up ahead. After a while it goes silent. Further along, Oparal, who is in the lead, looks up and notices three wights on the ceiling, just as they throw the recently released salt lumps at her. Combat ensues, with Taurus being quite surprised that the rogue is still standing at the end of it.

Further into the mine complex, the party enters a large cavern. The cavern is filled with a large underground lake with an island in the middle of it, with a bridge leading to it. In the centre of the island is a glowing blue egg-shaped orb, about the height of a man. There are shards of the egg around it and a largish hole in one side. Mwaree does her detect evil thing and senses two auras near the egg. The egg radiates necromantic magic.

Canzee goes across the bridge to investigate followed by Mwaree and Friar Bryn. After looking at the ‘egg’ from a distance, the group is no closer to an idea as to what it is. Friar Bryn approaches the break in the ‘egg’ to see if he can see into it, only to have two wights that had been hiding inside the ‘egg’ attack him. He feels a loss of competency from their strikes. The party then comes to his aid, and after a hard battle, prevail over the wights. After the fight, the party decide they should destroy the ‘egg’, but find that everything they try is unsuccessful, with the exception of Canzee‘s Ear Piecing Scream, which does sonic damage. After one spell’s worth of damage (all Canzee has prepared), the party retreats back to the old abandoned campsite to rest up and stock up on sonic spells.

day 69

The party returns to the “Egg of Evil” all stocked up with sonic spells, however, it shatters on the first Ear Piercing Scream from Canzee and no longer radiates magic. Hooray, the egg is dead. The party then examine the two wights killed the previous day and find a locket, which is evidence that they are Athyra’s parents. The party buries the bodies, and in the process find that the pick wielded by the larger wights is magical (+1 heavy pick).

Further through the mine, the party finds a well-made metal door, which, when opened, leads to the outside. So the party made it through…yippee!!! However, to make sure the mine is totally safe for the non-combatants to follow, the party decide they should check out the side-branch they passed. At the end of the side passage , they find a strange contraption. As Canzee, Mwaree and Oparal approach the device to try and work out what it is, three wights attach them. After destroying the last of the wights, and clearing the mine, the party works out that the strange contraption is a crushing machine, and as Kasai is looking in it, he sees a small leather pouch in the machine. After it is extracted and opened, it is revealed to contain five diamonds.

The party then goes back to the main camp and collects Nkechi and the porters. Athyra offers to guide us to the next river, about 4 days travel away.

Days 70 and 71

Travel along until we hit the main trade route, and we tag along behind a large caravan, which is not unhappy with our presence. That evening, the party notices a lot a buzz around a caravan to the side of the camp. Looking over, they find it is a cock fight and Oparal bets five gp on a cock called Muddy Lizzy, which then proceeds to lose. However, when the three men come over to collect their winnings, the bet has suddenly escalated to seven gp, which Oparal refuses to pay. After some attempts to intimidate her, the bully boys start a fight. After the three thugs are bashed, vomited on by a swarm and the boss is threatened by Mwaree, they take the five gp, but the party is no longer as popular with the caravan.

Days 72 and 73

The party leaves early the day, and travels for the next two days. Near evening on the second day they see a wisp of smoke on the horizon and come to a village, just before the village, Athyra leaves the party, but not before Canzee and Mwaree invite her to come and live in their home village of Tabis. She seems a bit hesitant of the distance, but Canzee and Mwaree offer to pick her up on their way home.

After we have bid farewell to Athyra, we enter the village to an extremely friendly welcome, with offer of a feast in our honour. Oparal senses that there is something not quite right. When the party enter the village, Friar Bryn notices one person that does not seem to be overjoyed to see us, as one old woman goes into her hut and closes the door. He leaves the rest of the party and approaches the hut to try and find out the issue, but there is no answer to his knocks or calls.

After a lovely feast the party goes to bed in the hut provided for their use, with Canzee wearing a lovely nightgown that Friar Bryn has given her (a nun’s habit). She is very fond of men that buy her pressies.

The old woman who Friar Bryn was trying to talk to comes to the hut and wishes to talk to us. She explains that the village is cursed and the spirits have offered no help, but as it depends on the trade route for its livelihood she doesn’t want to ask for help as it may mean caravans avoid it. She doesn’t agree with this, and asks the party for assistance. A Chemosit has been taking people from the village once a night for the last fortnight. The shaman can ‘mark’ our hut so that the Chemosit is drawn to it. The party agrees to help and the hut is marked. The party prepares with Oparal, with Flick keeping an eye on her, on the roof of the party’s hut, Kasai and Taurus hiding behind neighboring huts and Canzee, Friar Bryn and Mwaree inside the party’s hut to initally fight the Chemosit when it comes. However, the plan falls apart when, one, there are two Chemosits, and two, they decide to climb the hut after Oparal. After a tough fight in which Oparal goes down…twice, the Chemosits are defeated.

The tribe treats the party as heroes and they are presented with a treasure map for a wreck in the river mouth near the lake of missing armies (or something like that) and a magical shrunken monkey’s head.

Days 74 and 75

The party travels onwards, and on the second day out from the village, come across a strange plain with long mounds running all over it. Nkechi suggests that the mounds could mean there are Ankhegs around, but if the group moves carefully, they should make it through with no problems. Good advice, until Taurus doesn’t watch where he is walking and falls in one of the Ankheg tunnels. After three Ankhegs attack and are defeated, Taurus is finally pulled back up to the surface.

Days 76 to 79

As the party approach the city of Kalabuto, they notice a strange sight, a tree covered in hanging skeletons with other skeletons at its base. Although Mwaree doesn’t detect any evil, they leave it alone. Nkechi tells the party that these trees are used by some of the native Sargavans to warn off the colonials.

Day 80

As soon as the party enters the city of Kalabuto, they are accosted by a young girl selling little rag dolls. Some of the party give her the coppers for the little dolls, but Oparal gives her a gold, and askes if she knows of a good inn. The little girl gives the party directions to The Shrunken Head, which ironically, is the inn we are meeting our contact, Cheiton, at. The party notices the little girl shadowing us, and Nkechi tells the party that it is quite common for children to be used as the eyes and ears of criminal gangs within the city. The party goes to the inn, where we find Cheiton, who is our guide for our next leg to the Ruins of Tazian. He invite us all back to his place for dinner, where we can speak of the trip with some privacy.

While having dinner, some of the party hear a noise upstairs. After confirming with Cheiton that no-one else is in the house, Oparal tries to sneak out of the house to investigate, but gets a Glyph of Warding in the face when she opens the front door. The party is then attacked by four rogues, which are eventually dispatched.

Exp: 2,833 Total exp:12,316

Unconsciousness Tracker (this session/total)
Canzee: 0/9
Friar Bryn: 0/6
Kasai: 0/5
Mwaree: 0/5
Oparal: 2/19
Taurus: 0/8

Reptiles 1, Rogue 0
Tony is a Epic level Poo Poo Head

Day 81

The party does a bit of shopping, where Oparal manages to vomit on a merchant who offers her a foul-smelling reptile repellant. In the afternoon we get on a boat and start traveling down the River of Lost Tears to the Lake of Vanished Armies (must be said in a very loud tone).

Days 82 and 83

Travel down the river, with the occasional break to chat to the natives who paddle out to our boat to trade with us. During the discussions, they tell us that there is a ‘monster’ in the lake.

Day 84

After arrival at the Lake of Vanished Armies, the party chats with Cheiton and Tempest about the treasure map they had acquired from the shaman. They decide to take a large dugout and go to the map while the main expedition travels on and starts to portage around the rapids in the mouth of the river of Korir.

Half-way to the X on the map, the party is attacked by the ‘monster’, an elasmosaurus. The monster seems to really have it in for Oparal, with her, Canzee and Friar Bryn going down after being attacked. When Oparal gets back up, the monster attacks her again, and Oparal goes down, this time permanently. In her grief, Canzee leaps at the monster, staff held high, she brings it down and the monster is also dead.

The party wraps Oparal in a cloak, and moves on. After reaching the wreck, Friar Bryn strips down to his undies and dives into the wreck to find a locked iron chest. Missing Oparal already, the party is unable to open the chest, so they load the chest into dugout and paddle back to the entrance of the River of Lost Tears, where they bury their friend, who Friar Bryn has discerned, wishes to rest in the arms of her god, where there are no snakes. The party then move on to the River of Korir where they met up with the rest of the expedition. Tempest introduces the party to another guide, Abuto, a tall native woman with a bow and a great big sword.

That night when Abuto and Mwaree are on watch, an arrow comes out of the night and hits Abuto. Five archers attack the party, concentrating on the humans in the party. The archers are eventually defeated.

Day 85 to 87

The party eventually gets the chest opens and find 1000gps worth of gold ingots, potions of cats grace and two lesser restorations, and a m/w adamantite machete (equivalent to a short sword).

After three days of traveling upriver, the party comes across a herd of hippos. Although the party tries to go through the herd without trouble, one large bull attacks the boat. Flick, who has been on the prow being a t-rex, strikes the first blow. Three lizardmen then rise from the water to attack the boat, they all are dispatched with Flick feeling mightier than ever after successfully poisoning a bull hippo – go the might T-rex.

Day 88 to 92

After a further five days travel, the party comes across an area of large trees with bodies at the foot of them. Abuto, Mwaree, Canzee and Taurus jump off the boat to investigate. After the shore party investigate the bodies, noticing large gashes on them, they hear a crashing from behind them and a large gorilla approaches menacingly. After a nasty fight, the gorilla is defeated, only to have a shadow demonic figure step out of the body. The area surrounding the demon immediately goes dark and four crocodiles come out of the water to attack the party. One is immediately dispatched by Kasai, but Abuto is dragged out into the water.

The crocodiles are dispatched reasonably easily, the demon however is another story. After a very nasty fight, where everyone but Abuto and Flick had fallen, Flick takes charge and banishes the demon with the monkey’s head that had been wielded by both Friar Bryn and Kasai, while Abuto, wielding a wand, keeps the rest of the party alive. Searching the bodies, the party finds five sets of m/w studded leather, three m/w spears, five m/w serrated short swords and a ring of sustenance. It is believed this may have been part of a Red Mantis advanced scout party.

Day 93 to 100

Travel is uneventful.

Day 101

The vegetation on the bank edge becomes broken as if something large had pushed through them. Abuto alights from the boat and examines the area, finding the tracks of a normal sized humanoid and a large sized cawled humanoid. Abuto, Kasai, and Taurus, with Flick in tow, stealthily follow the tracks into the jungle. Along the way they come across a boar that has been killed in such a way that its entrails seem to have been used for divination. They continue following the tracks until they come across a large clearing full of anthills, with a large cairn in the centre of the clearing. The cairn has been breached and there is a troll standing still in the entrance. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valour, they get Flick to contact Canzee and ask the rest of the party to come forward. The rest of the party comes up to where the scouting party is hiding, just in time to see a creature emerge from the cairn. It is a humanoid wearing a carved mask, with human hands as decoration. The party is noticed (since the paladin “insisted” on standing in the middle of the path) by the emerging creature and the troll approaches. The party notices a distinct deadness…OMG, a zombie troll. Battle ensues, and the zombie troll manages to take down Mwaree, much to Canzee’s horror, first her BFF, then her sister. However, Friar Bryn happens to have the means to raise Mwaree up his sleeve. While Friar Bryn is raising Mwaree, the rest of the party searches the cairn. It looks like the cairn has been searched recently, and as it looks like the body used to have a spear and a mask, the party can guess it was very recently. The party then search the body of the human and find a magical mask (Mask of Terror goes to Taurus, spear (1 goes to Friar Bryn) and amulet (1 NA goes to Canzee). While Mwaree is resting, Abuto seals the cairn back up.

Days 102 to 108

One evening on the seventh day, the party are camping overnight at the edge of the river when the party hears a bell. While the rest of the party are uneffected, Kasai and Friar Bryn start to move towards the jungle, only halting when someone grapples them. Three spriggans then attack the rest of the party and are dispatched after causing some hurt. A search of the bodies reveals three m/w daggers, three m/w small halberds and a Bell of Loco (3 charges).

Exp: 2,684 Total Exp: 15,000

Unconsciousness/death Tracker (this session/total/total deaths)
Canzee: 2/11/0
Friar Bryn: 2/8/0
Kasai: 1/6/0
Mwaree: 1/6/1
Oparal: 4/21/1 now deceased
Taurus: 1/9/0
Abuto: 0/0/0 – yet to find a reptile to cause her problems LOL

All wet....

Day 109 to 111

The river is starting to widen and become shallower, soon the expedition will have to leave the river and assume their overland journey nearing. Three days of river travel later and the party notices some Zenj women bathing in the river. The women introduce themselves as Spirit Dancers and ask what we are doing on the river. We explain that we are going to the Ruins of Tazion.

The women invite the party to dinner and after a lovely dinner of fish, frog legs and wild rice, Zakiyya, the head Spirit Dancer, offers to link the party with their totem animals. Abuto and Canzee readily except, with the rest of the party a bit more suspicious. Mwaree notices that the other Spirit Dancers seem a bit glassy eyed when they are not doing anything and they all defer to Zakiyya. Mwaree draws Canzee to one side to try and convince her that something is not right. Canzee challenges her to detect evil on the spirit dancers nearest her, which does not detect anything evil. Meanwhile Abuto has gone off with one of the other Spirit Dancers, with Kasai trying to follow them. However, Kasai runs into Zakiyya and suddenly seems to be paying close attention to anything she suggests. Abuto’s Spirit Dancer offers her a bowl of blue liquid to drink, which she does, and promptly falls unconscious.

When Zakiyya returns to camp, Mwaree suddenly yells “begone you evil creature” and charges to attack. After a tough battle with Kasai fighting for Zakiyya (a succubus), and both Taurus and Canzee falling, and Friar Bryn constantly distracted by a bit of flesh showing, the group are defeated. Taurus has entered the final sleep, but Canzee was poisoned, and she is unable to be awakened, but is alive. Leaving Canzee and Abuto to awaken naturally the rest of the party search the camp, and bury the Spirit Dancers and Taurus, regretting their deaths. In the search they find three magical amulets (NA +1). Later that evening Canzee awakes, smelling strangely of coconut oil and with Wilson watching over her.

Day 112

The expedition leaves the boats and starts to travel across the plains.

Days 113 to 119

The party travels overland to the Ruins of Tazion, picking up a new member, the magus Chumly Wallaby on the way.

Day 120

The expedition comes to Tazion, which is surrounded by the crumbling remnants of a massive enclosure wall, some 700 feet across. Abuto goes into one of the holes to scout, but gets strung up in a net. The net is made up of spiny vines, so she takes damage whenever she moves. The party manages to cut her down without her taking extra damage. With Abuto trail-breaking, the party enters the city to explore, finding a ring of carved standing stones surrounding a large pit in the centre. Abuto finds tracks of some large apes, while Canzee goes up to one of the stones to examine the carvings. The party notices some monkey like creatures wearing armour and wielding weapons seeming to surround them. Mwaree tries to talk to them, but gets stones chucked at her for her trouble. The monkeys then attack the party, splitting the party into two groups, one on either side of the pit. Halfway through the battle a decampus emerges from the pit, slamming Friar Bryn into unconciousness, who is ably assisted by Canzee and the mighty Flick who lands the final blow which takes out the decampus. Flick feels like a MIGHTY T-Rex once again!!

The monkeys are identified as Charau-Ka, known as demon worshippers of (Tony to supply). The pit is found to be 60ft deep, with the remains of previous victims at the bottom. The party investigates and find some treasure in amongst the bones.

Abuto follows the tracks of the Charau-Ka, which head North-West, along the trail the party encounters another six Charau-Ka, which are easily defeated. The party continues to follow the trail, which splits, going North-West and due West. At the junction there is a small building. Abuto goes in to investigate and finds that there is another level, which seems to turn into a large tunnel after a very narrow section. After squeezing into the tunnel, the party triggers a trap which sees them fighting a huge Water Elemental. The Water Elemental is defeated, leaving the party battered and bruised. The party decides to rest in the tunnel section after the trapped section.

Day 121

The party starts to explore the disused aquaduct system. Further along they come to an intersection, with the North branch completely impassable, the South branch clearable, but the Western branch clear. The party decides to take the easy path. Further along there are signs of a similar trap to the one at the beginning of the system. The party decides to trigger it after a bit of buffing, and so defeat the Water Elemental without the damage they took the first time. Directly behind the trap, the party find a room with snakes slithering all over the place. Abuto tries to calm them using her wild empathy, but her snake charming ability seems to be turned off that day and five of the snakes, a Mwangi ringed python and four violet mambas, attack. After a battle the party prevails, and investigates the room, finding a set of stairs leading upwards.

Unconsciousness/death Tracker (this session/total/total deaths)
Canzee: 1/12/0
Friar Bryn: 1/9/0
Kasai: 0/6/0
Mwaree: 0/6/1
Oparal: 4/21/1 now deceased
Taurus: 0/9/1 now deceased
Abuto: 1/1/0
Chumly 0/0/0

Exp 4249 Total 19249

Flaming Monkeys....
DM Quote: You don't hurt when you are dead

Day 121 cont.

After defeating the snakes, the party decides to not take the exit, but to go back into the tunnel system to investigate the South tunnel. The tunnel ends in a very familiar looking pit, which the party had investigated after dispatching the Decampus. The party climbs out of the tunnel system at that point, and decide to investigate some buildings they see in the distance.

Abuto, with Flick keeping her company, is scouting ahead when she is attacked by 9 rock-throwing Charau-Ki. The Party, warned by Flick, rushes to her aid. During the ensuing battle, Chumly Wallaby falls into one of the surrounding tar-pits, slowly sinking until Canzee pulls him out. One of the Charau_Ki, after being set alight, takes a liking to Abuto, jumping on her and holding tight.

Continuing on the party gets to the tower with the snake-filled basement to find it full of jungle, and not much else. The party leaves the tower and heads towards a large building seen in the distance, avoiding tar pits on the way. At the buildings the party finds several large Boab trees dominating the enclosure. Abuto scouts ahead, past the large boab tree in the enclosure entrance, noticing a large stone block suspended in the tree as a trap on the way through. The party follows in Abuto’s footsteps as to not set of the trap. Further into the enclosure there is another large boab tree, this time without the decoration. Around a corner from the boab tree is a large tar pit with three islands, two connected to the mainland, and to each other by crude wooden bridges and the remains of a tower across the pit. Abuto moves across to the first island and is attacked by four rock-throwing Charau-ki. She jumps across to the third island to attack with the rest of the party helping from a distance, Kasai and Canzee moving onto the walkways to get into effective range. It is then that Kasai notices another four charau-ki in the base of the ruined tower along with three mummies hanging up. He bravely charges the four, but with no fighter backup forthcoming, only Canzee and Friar Bryn helping. They are eventually dispatched, but not before Friar Bryn is squeezed by a giant snake, obviously an animal companion of the charau-ki cleric that Abuto was fighting. Canzee and Kasai eventually dispatch the last of the four, but the cleric is a tougher opponent, with flick going [REDACTED by flick] from the oww oww circles.

After the charau-ki are dispatched the party investigates the rest of the enclosure, finding a very large ancient statue of an elephant in the middle of the enclosure and a more recent frieze of a giant decapitated snake made from blackened bones in a rear alcove. The frieze has a giant moonstone as the eye and there is a small coffer on the ground. Kasai takes the moonstone and the party opens the coffer to find some relics and two magical golden lions.

The three ‘mummies’ in the ruined tower are revealed to be three mwangi men. Upon questioning they say that they were porters for the Apsis Consortium party and were offered as sacrifices so that the Consortium could access an area two days ago. The magic using members of the party find that the moonstone is part of a greater thing and that the pair of Golden Lions are a pair of Figurines of Wondrous Power. The party heals up and rests in the ruined tower.

Day 122

Upon exiting the enclosure the party notices booted tracks heading towards a large Ziggarat in the distance. Approaching the ziggarat, the party finds that most of the tracks stop while a single set goes up the side of the ziggarat. The party decide to use the door at the top, but are attacked by four charau-ki on the second level, with some giant wasps also joining the fight. The first one is blown to bits by Kasai and three wasps and four charau-ki later the second level is clear.

Getting up to the third level, the party finds that the roof has fallen in. Abuto finds tracks of a large ape, and then finds the feet that made them attached to an enraged girillion. Yet another fight on stairs, with two charau-ki joining the fight with the girillion. After the party is fully engaged, another charau-ki emerges from the lower level and attacks the rear of the party, the party realises that this is the bigger threat and after a tough fight, all are defeated.

Unconsciousness/death Tracker (this session/total/total deaths)
Canzee: 0/12/0
Friar Bryn: 1/10/0
Kasai: 0/6/0
Mwaree: 0/6/1
Oparal: 4/21/1 now deceased
Taurus: 0/9/1 now deceased
Abuto: 0/1/0
Chumly 0/0/0

Exp 4,433 Total 23,682


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