Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.


This is the end, my friends

Upon the defeat of Vyr-Azul and beheading of the avatar of Ydersius, his body flees once more into the Darklands, leaving behind only a trail of blood and his nigh-impervious skull.
Once Ydersius is finally defeated, his rapid departure sends a psychic shockwave through the remaining serpentfolk in Ilmurea and across Golarion, helping the army turn the tide against the demoralized snakemen and chase the serpentfolk out of Ilmurea. Though some serpentfolk remain in isolated pockets of the ruined city, infighting and skirmishes with the vengeful urdefhans and ravenous morlocks take their toll, keeping them well in check. Ilmurea, and Saventh-Yhi above, are finally free of the serpentfolk threat.

Ydersius’s defeat also heralds changes in Saventh-Yhi above. The city’s seven spears are gone, piercing the heart of Ilmurea and opening the subterranean city to the surface. Unfortunately for Saventh-Yhi, however, the spears’ descent also removes many of the city’s magical defenses—the mirage arcana and nondetection effects that have long cloaked the city end with the removal of the spears, as does the anti-entropic magic that has preserved
the city for so long. Coupled with the damage inflicted on the city by the earthquakes and tremors created by the spears as they bored into the earth, Saventh-Yhi becomes much like any other lost city in the Mwangi Expanse, and will likely succumb to the encroaching jungle and ravages of sun and weather before too long.

Nevertheless, the sponsors of the expeditions to Saventh-Yhi take a more active interest in the famous Azlanti ruins. An influx of settlers, treasure-seekers, and merchants soon descends on the city, eager to rebuild and reclaim it, and Saventh-Yhi seems destined to become another diverse metropolis in the Mwangi Expanse. The city could well become a hotbed of intrigue and political gamesmanship for years to come.

In addition, the serpentfolk have always harbored a tremendous hatred for humanity, and this latest episode only magnifies their desire to avenge themselves on mankind. Back in Sverenagati, the serpentfolk elders make their own plans, regardless of whether Vyr-Azul
succeeded in restoring Ydersius. Some may follow in the high priest’s footsteps to seek out the decapitated snake-god and restore him again, while others might seek to unleash arcane horrors from the timeless vaults of serpentfolk lore, triggering other surprises from the depths below the Azlanti ruins.



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