Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.

Flick and Associates

Day 177

We travel off with our new friend, Trae, in tow. The party decides to go off and look at the large round building to the west of the mansion in an attempt to keep the morlocks on side. The party comes through the entry of the building and finds a large room with a pit in the centre of it. Entering the building very cautiously the party is ambushed from four cloakers from the ceiling. Kasai is engulfed and the cloaker tries to run off with him, until Canzee tells them to drop him, with one of her poppets in hand. The party prevails.

The party looks into the pit and finds a stairway leading down, however, the stairway is choked with rubble, and is completely impassable.

The party then goes to investigate the scrub of fungus in the centre of the city. The morlocks had warned the party that something comes out of the ground when anyone goes into the area. The party walks into the rubble area and are attacked by two elder earth elementals, they hit really hard and are eventually defeated. There is an old destroyed temple in the centre of the area, it looks like it was dedicated to one of the serpentfolk’s gods. It appears to have been rededicated to a gnome god, Nivi ..blah balh

The party returns to the morlocks and reports that the area is clear. The party is requested to go to the vampires and free Eando Kline. They rest the night, and off they go.

Day 178

As the party walks along the shore of the lake they are attacked by four vampires on dire bats. The bats drop their loads off and then try and fly off, however they are all quickly dispatched.

Further along the shore, there is 6 more ulfenans, they attack.on sight, even though the party tries to talk to them. They are also quickly dispatched.

The party makes it way into one of the islets off the shore, they come across an area that looks like the graveyard, when the party enters a mummy rises up from one of the graves and asks them to leave in Azlanti…although the party responds that they are leaving, it and its three friends attack. The party defeats them, but not before abuto is paralysed.

The party finds some magical armour and weapons in the graves. Beyond the graveyard is a island with a large building. Flying in and out of the building are many ulfenans on giant bats. The party decides to leave that area alone for now. Near the entrance to this large islet is a mansion that seems intact. Glinting in the window is a light, when investigated by Kasai, is revealed to be Dancing Lights. The party circumnavigated the building and decides to go through the back door. The back door leads into a small room with a spirilla staircase leading upwards, the party moves through. And into another room, which is empty.

As Abuto moved into the room, checking for traps she paused and listened, detecting party noises in another of the rooms. However, upon entering this room, it was as empty as the other places they’d traversed so far in this place. Still, party noises continued and a bright light shone brightly in the centre of the room.

It was as Abuto closed on this light, she was suddenly struck by a spell and Driders became visible to the other members of the party. They then disappear again. Canzee breaks the invisibility, but they are still on the ceiling and keep lightning bolting the party. Canzee manages to beguile one of the Driders into drinking a potion of inflict serious wounds. They eventually die.

The party rest in the mansion overnight.

Exp. 24,000
Total. 247,044



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