Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.

Into the Jaws of Death

Day 197
In regard to Canzee wielding Savith’s sword a suggestion has been made to strap it to her back and throw her.

Money division time: Everyone gets 33,946gp each

Abuto and Trae have gone off to investigate strange visions in the jungle. Canzee detects that her witch ward has gone down on Abuto. Does this mean trouble? Canzee and Mwaree fly off. Friar Brynn decides to follow Flick who is gesturing wildly. Battle is found! Abuto goes down! One of the bad guys shoots at a flying Canzee and suddenly finds itself 60’ in the air and falls splat. We eventually kill 8 coils.

Day 198
Exp 34,134
Money 35,991gp

Aveshai presents Canzee with the repair Falchion – Savith’s sword. Eroeme is the spirit in the blade. Comments are made that the sword will never exceed Flick’s ego.

Aberwinge and Aveshai hunt us down for a strategy meeting.
We are ready to activate the spires. It is our job to go the as yet unexplored underground area. We are to go in via the spiral walkway which will be left when the Military district spire’s drills down.
Aberwinge assigns people (armies) to each area, we could call these distractions while we head for the main area.

As the spires are activated much rumbling and tremors occur. Behind are left 40’ wide spiral pathways. At the bottom of the ramp we find 3 serpent folk and 8 morlock slaves. The Morlocks attack – so much for saving the slaves. Abuto takes the first damage in the melee. Are the morlock slaves dominated or willing accomplices? Kasai has been sickened – does he now vomit fire?

Abuto dies – or nearly the Friar breaths life back into her. Goats appear to drag her to safety. Where did the goats come from?

Battle over time for lots of healing
The rest of our army finally appears – oh well they are monkeys .

Our next objective is the sanctuary. BIG snake in our road. It grapples Mwaree. It tries to attack with negative energy dust – totally dismissed by Canzee. After flinging Mwaree and Trae around a few times if finally dies.
Time for – you guessed it – more healing.
We continue on and come to a large cavern with high ledges along each side. We take the high road. Only to be hit by waves of negative energy. We hurry thru – but not before Abuto casts find snares and pits in the next room. We hurry more slowly and thus avoid the pits in the next room. We cannot avoid the hordes or morlocks in the next room. While fighting a flying Canzee amuseds herself by using a voodoo doll to enticing each morlock to run into a pit.
Just when we thought we were winning reinforcements arrive 12 more morlocks. Kasai tries to back-peddle and falls into a pit, fortunately it does not stop him casting a fireball. A witch with a confusion spell – oh so entertaining. Almost all gone – the last two insist on fighting each other – who are we to stop them.

We follow the lead of Wilson the all powerful deeper into the cavern system. We find a Massive gate made of two adamantine doors. To each side are balconies carved to form the mouth of a snake. The floor is made of an old lava flow. Canzee wanders off and triggers the mushroom siren. No Naan, No Naan, No Naan. As we enter the cavern a Thessalhydra appears. All Mwaree know is that it’s not evil, so she can’t do as much damage.
1 dead Thassalhydra later and it’s time to rest, our Pudgy Tree Fairy mushrooms hiding amongst the mushrooms already there.

Day 199
Kasai, carrying Trae, flies towards a balcony that seems to have 2 serpent folk on it. Canzee flies, Mwaree flies and Abuto shoots something. Poor Friar left behind. Mwaree and Trae land on the balcony, well Trae lands on one of the serpent folk. Kasai then flies back for Friar Brynn, who lands and shakes his furry coconut at them.

A rumbling announces that the Adamantine doors are starting to open. Canzee flies over to have a look. “oh crap” A giant snake like golem emerges. Kasai grease the ground in front of the golem and it promptly falls over. Canzee makes one of the serpent folk walk thru the fighting and off the edge of the balcony. Kasai’s next trick is to cast hungry pit in front of the greased area. The golem and it’s two friends fall in.

With 1 impressive round of arrow fire, Abuto dispatches the golem.

Exp 122,677 Total 780,368 (109,632 to next level – bring a 16th level character just in case)



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