Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.

Mighty Holy T-Rex, Batman

Day 150

The party prepares to take on the Rakasha. As the party makes its way over the bridge to the centre island, Mwaree, using her detect evil ability, detects one evil creature at the end of the bridge. The Raksaha pops up and lightning bolts the party. And it is on. Most of the party rushes forward to attack the Raksasha, leaving the three spellcasters behind the front lines. However, it is then that Tentaguard (the demon the party released from the jar), attacks the rear of the party, ending up with Kasai in its mouth. Kasai then greases himself while Mwaree beats on the Raksasha. As the Raksasha goes down, a large, mean-looking Girillion jumps up beside it to attack the front lines. Meanwhile, Canzee and Friar Bryn are helping Kasai, who has escaped from the mouth of Tentaguard. However, Tentaguard now goes after Canzee and ends up with her in its mouth. Mwaree, seeing her sister in trouble, leaves the Girillion to Abuto and Chumly Wallaby and rushes to Canzee’s rescue. Abuto and Chumly Wallaby manage to take down the girillion while Mwaree is beating on Tentaguard. However, Tentaguard then casts Blasphemy, paralysing most of the party, and teleports away.

When the party finds a Ring of Water Walking on the Rakasha, Flick puts up his claw for it so he can become a mighty, holy T-rex.

The party then continues on to explore the centre island. At the very end of a group of connected islands they find the boggard shaman they were asked to find by the boggard chieften who would then let them look at the boggard’s ziggurat. The party find the shaman cleaning the Pillar of Law, with help from some zombies. When speaking to the shaman the party finds that he does not wish to return to his tribe until he is finished his task as the “voice of the swamp” has asked him to do so. The party decides to leave him alone for now.

Day 151

The party decides to walk around to explore the one district we have yet to explore. As the party skirts the edge of the central lake they notice a woman running towards them with six apes chasing her. Friar Bryn steps forward and she collapses into his arms. The six apes are quickly dispatched by the rest of the party. The woman looks very hurt and does not appear to speak or understand very much. However, she bears a Pathfinder Society tattoo. The party decides to go and find the Main party that they have been advance scouts for. They find the party, only to be bawled out by Aberwhinge for marking the camp near a ghost that keeps respawning. No-one in the PFS party recognises the woman now in the party’s care.

Day 152

The now expanded party makes its way to our base camp, the mansion and the large party sets up camp with the more senior personnel taking rooms in the Mansion. Aberwhinge seems somewhat mollified by the luxury.

Canzee takes any injured people up to the top of the now cleared ziggurat and heals them, which activates the spire.

Tempest takes the woman the party found aside and works out the she has been affected by a Feeblemind spell.

Day 153

Next day, the party decides to go and visit the Lillend to see if she is able to heal the feeblmind condition. As the party walks through the Artisans’ district, they see no people, but evidence of something gone horribly wrong, with bloodstains and drag marks in evidence. As the party approaches the district’s ziggurat, they see a familiar figure, the large demon ape, appear in the doorway of the ziggurat. Then suddenly, everything goes dim. The party defeats the demon ape, only to find the Lillend defeated in her rooms.

The party decides to investigate the blood-trails, and starts following them, but the woman becomes quite agitated, so the party returns her to base camp. They tell Aberwhinge what has occurred, then walk off in mid-rant to return to their investigations.

The blood-trails lead across the small stream that surrounds the district to a large building to the west. As the party approaches, many ghouls and ghasts come from the building, with their necromancer master not far behind. Many of the ghouls are fresh, and the party sees some familiar faces. After a hard fight, the necromancer and his horde are defeated. The party finds some of the artisans in the building, but it is obvious that some managed to escape.

Exp: 7,933
Total: 73,715
Next level: 75,000

Still Paranoid:
Chumly Wallaby
Friar Bryn



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