Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.

Out of the Past

Day 192

After a restful night in the pudgy tree fairy meadow, we set off to the next place on Abuto’s treasure map. We find a room with smashed statues and display cabinets inside force cages.

Abuto does a lap of the room and discovers 4 secret doors. We pick one and it leads on to a series of natural rock tunnels and caverns. 4 Froggy things emerge from the lake in one of the caverns. Abuto tries to talk to them. Canzee identifies them as Hydrodeamons. Kasai tries out some chain lightning. Abuto, Canzee and Mwaree get spat on which sends them all to sleep.

Flick is sent to tail slap the sleepy ones. And Trae gets greased to remove him from a rolled up tongue. Flick gets to the Friar and dances on his face. Canzee is jealous.
Much fighting ensues and the froggy ones learn it’s not easy to pick up someone who has been greased.

After killing 3 of them it suddenly goes dark and we can hear the sploshing sounds as the frog retreats to the water.

After the light returns we map out much of the cavern system, the return to the corridor with smashed statues to open the door at the far end. It gives onto the serpent throne room complete with crystal alter. Oh and 3 Urdenhan and one big tentacely thing. (An Astrodaemon)

More fighting. We win. We find the Urdenhan Cleric’s holy symbol to Trellmarrixion.
Time to search and loot the room.

Time to rest. As we enter the Pudgy tree fairy meadow Canzee feels like she has left something behind – but all our party are accounted for. After jumping in and out of the meadow several times to test the feeling, Friar Brynn requests a rest so that he can change his spells.

Day 193

Friar Brynn tries to Commune with Sarenrae. After many carefully worded questions we find that it is an unknown friend that has been left behind.

We wander around some more and come to a room with a woman being run through by a Cyclops all held in a stasis field. Canzee thinks this is the source of her feeling of leaving someone behind. Canzee casts legend lore on the cyclops. The cyclops is Aveshai once the right hand of Savith who according to lore disappeared before the final battle.

Day 194

Now that Canzee has another spell she performs legend lore on the woman. She was leading one of Savith’s armies but turned out to be a Serpent Folk spy and traitor.

Friar Brynn dispels the stasis field. As it comes down the woman slides down the blade dead, a small disk falls from her hand. As Mwaree tries to pick up the disk Aveshai yells at her so Mwaree leaves it be.

Aveshai converses with Canzee in Azlanti, and she tries to explain to him that much time has passed since he was enchanted – about 11 thousand years.

We bring him into the Meadow, Mwaree being one of the last carefully picks up the disk with some material, wraps it up and places it in her pack.

In the meadow we bring Aveshai up to date with current times and he tells tales to us. He explains how the Spires are supposed to work, by being activated all at the same time. Once having done so they will drill down to destroy the counterpart temples below.

Time to teleport back to base, taking Aveshai with us.

We take Aveshai to the tomb of Savith, a place only Canzee could previously enter, and then not all the way. However now in Aveshai’s company we can all enter right thru to the tomb. He takes a look at the main sarcophagus then goes to the smaller one, which holds Savith’s broken sword.

He believes he may be able to mend the sword but only one person in our party will be able to use it. He looks directly at Canzee – and Flick immediately starts posturing as if he were the one chosen.

Much talk about campaign strategies. We talk to all the different peoples on the surface and convince them to agree to help us (ie join the army).

The Spires are to be activated before the army heads underground

exp. 102,400
Total: 623567
Next: 635,000
(note to players – bring a 15th level character as well)



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