Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign.

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Day 161

The party decides to go for a walk to the only ziggurat they had not explored. The ziggurat is slightly eroded, with a couple of sinkholes not helping. Upon investigation, this ziggurat gives a +2 on diplomacy, and increases to appraise and spell-craft to appraise magic items.

The party proceeds down the ziggurat and to the sinkhole in the corner of the ziggurat. To investigate the sinkhole Canzee flies down to investigate. However, she suddenly remembers what happened only four days ago, and flies back to hand Mwaree the end of a rope that is around her waist. That done, she flies into the cave and looks up to look straight into the face of an extremely large, and unhappy, bat. Canzee flees back to her sister’s side. The bat follows her and snatches up Mwaree with Canzee also pulled into the sky at the end of the rope. A couple of spell later and the bat falls from the sky. Canzee manages to fly up and cast levitate on Mwaree, who is battered and bruised by the bat as it falls past her…right on top of Friar Bryn, who had got underneath to try and catch Mwaree.

The party goes from the ziggurat to one of the strangely shaped seen from the top. A bit of scouting later and the party finds a set of large thick stone doors in a small canyon off the sinkhole. The party makes its way into the canyon using the vines that festoon the sides of the sinkhole. Abuto checks out the area before the door and finds that there are tracks of both small and large humanoids, several days old.

The party enters the room beyond the doors, where they encounter two halflings. The halflings ask to see the party’s right arms, which are shown to them. after examining the arms of the party, they attack. The two of them seem much more robust that normal halflings. After the first attack, they drop the illusion to be revealed as two Ogre Magi. A very tough fight later, they lie defeated. Examination of their armbands shows their allegiance to the Maka-Lika brigands. The party retreats to base camp.

Day 162

Next day, Canzee restarts her task of reviving the basilisk statues. Most of the party, with the exception of Chumly Wallaby decide to accompany her. As they approach the statue garden, they spy two people, obviously badly hurt, running towards them, chased by a group of others. The party goes on the offensive. One of the chased ones runs straight past the the party, with the obviously Mwangi sticking with the party.

Three fireballs and one entangle later and five of the opponents are dispatched. Three flee the scene and the party captures the last one.

Questioning the Mwangi guide and the captured gentleman, the party discovers that the Apsis Consortium are now under new management, and the management seems to be rather aggressive. They attacked and basically wiped out, the Shackles Pirate group. The party returns to base camp to warn them and prepare for an attack.

Day 163

The party tracks the pirates backwards to their camp. It is full of dead bodies, some of which appear to be badly mauled. The party quickly figures out the mystery as they are ambushed by two tigers. One is promptly turned into a small cat by Canzee. The other tiger starts to run off with Abuto in its mouth, only to be taken down by Friar Bryn and Kasai. Abuto then spends some quality time trying to calm down the tiger/small cat. Then back to base camp for the party for some more shoring up of defences.

Day 164

Back to the Pirate camp and try to track the Apsis Consortium back to their camp. It seems to be Fairly well set up with a palisade and guards. There are prisoners in cages in the centre of the camp.

The party returns to base camp to discuss the next steps forward with Aberwhinge, who wants the camp taken out. There is a robust discussion concerning how to achieve this.

The party then has the chance to speak to Jullivar, who is cured of her feeblemindedness by the druid who resurrected Canzee. She tells a story regarding Eando Kline and his discovery of a second serpentfolk city that is waking. The expedition to Ilmurea was attacked and captured, but Jullivar ran. She found and obscure tunnel, which lead to a portal, which in turn lead her to a room in a dungeon that the party recognises as the room Canzee died in. it was Jullivar who had smashed the crystals to render the portal inaccessible. She asked the party’s help to save her friends and the world from the menace represented by the serpentfolk.

The party decide that they need to deal with the present threat first. Chumly Wallaby, Friar Bryn and Kasai go to speak to the Sargavans to determine if they wish to have an alliance against this threat. however, as they approach the bridge, they are attacked by Apsis Consortium agents and notice that the island seems to be in the aftermath of a successful attack…no help there.

The party decides that they will attack the Apsis Camp while half of them are away and free the prisoners. The party moves quickly by Canzee flying and Flick teleporting the rest of the party (much to his delight). The party, having buffed, makes pretty short work of the ten Apsis Consortium agents left to guard the camp and the prisoners. The prisoners seem to be of all sorts, including Jask and Ishuro.

The party takes all the food they can and invites the thirty ex-prisoners back to their base camp. They then hunker down prepared to defend it.

Exp: 15,733
Total: 112,446
Next level: 155,000

Still Paranoid:



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