House Rules and Clarifications

Tiny creatures and Flanking – Tiny creatures cannot flank. They do not take enough space or create enough of a threat to flank. This is from Core rules.

Negative energy drain and Stabilisation – Negative energy drain does not cause you to start bleeding. So if you have stabilised and have been hit with a channel negative energy you do not need to make further stabilisation rools. House rule.

Negative hit points and death – you need to be negative below your CON score to die. ie if you a CON of 15 you need to be at -16 to actually die. This goes against the Core rules. House rule.

Witches and gaining spells – a witch can gain spells off the familiar of another witch by using a suitable skill (Dipolamcy, Bluff or Intimidate) but cannot gain any spells that are Patron spells to the other witch.

House Rules and Clarifications

Into the Mwangi Expanse, a Serpent Skull campaign. twilko